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Team Global / MSM has a huge database from which it finds the ideal candidates for different positions. We, as one of the best staffing agencies in Toronto, first study the service needs of our clients and then find out the perfect fit for the specific job role from our current DB. We recruit new candidates to fill the vacancy. We have been in business for 18 years now. Our overall experience, as the staffing agency in Toronto, working with several companies has enabled us to ensure the best recruitment solution in finding the perfect match from within our listing. As a result, our company connects the employer and employee in a proper manner.

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We are seeking a highly experienced and skilled Senior Human Resources Generalist to join our team. As a Senior HR Generalist, you will play a crucial role in managing various HR functions and providing strategic support to the HR department.
Looking for a lead hand to oversee a team assigned to them and coordinates tasks. Must act as intermediaries between employees and supervisors and work in a coating factory.

Service for Employers

Concentrate on running your organization efficiently and leave the rest on us, because we staff the right people.

Our crew amongst the sought-after temp agencies in Toronto has dedicated and experienced human resource professionals who are committed to bringing the best human resource solutions to you.

  • First we find out about the requirement of your organization and then set on looking for the perfect candidate to fill the vacancy quickly.
  • We look through our listing to find the right candidate, in case our database falls short we run new recruiting programs.
  • Our strategy to source the best labour jobs  include complete evaluation of the candidate and analysis of the vacant position ensures choosing the right person which in turn reduces turnover, provides optimum productivity, boosts company morale.
  • We provide placement solutions across verticals which include industrial construction, manufacturing, engineering, mechanical, transportation, electrical, information technology, accounting.

Following are the positions for which we offer temporary, part-time, contractual, full-time staffing solutions:

  • Electricians
  • Mechanics
  • Forklift Operators
  • Truck Drivers
  • Machine Operators
  • CNC Operators
  • Millwrights
  • Skilled Tradesmen
  • IT Specialists
  • Accountants
  • Receptionists
  • Office Assistants
  • General Labour
  • Engineering
  • Construction

All Inclusive Staffing Services

We, as a leading recruitment firm Employment Job agency in Toronto, North York, Mississauga and Scarborough remain as a faithful, effective partner of our clients through the complete staffing process. Right from sourcing the right candidates, placing them within the organization to monitoring their progress, conducting follow ups to make sure the placement is a successful one we do it all. We perform all the administrative duties including providing WSIB coverage and making deductions on the paychecks from human resource perspective.

Temp agency GTA services:

We, as one of the sorted temp agencies in Toronto, are undoubtedly the best mentor for job seekers. Our process of screening involves personal interview and skill tests that enable us to gain a deep understanding of your skills and core competencies. Through the process, we, as the professional staffing firm, can also understand your professional goals and aspirations and therefore find a position for you which is challenging and satisfying by going through our database.  We can proudly claim that your experience will be rewarding.

Our employment services in Toronto include:

  • Advertising in renowned media channels
  • Complete screening and interviewing
  • Skill testing, assessment
  • Formal presentation of the job opportunities
  • Identification of vacant positions that match your skills, traits and career aspirations
  • Assistance from our recruiters during the hiring process – from interview through placement

How We Function

  1. We receive placement request from your company
  2. Team Global / M.S.M. looks up the existing db to find suitable matches and also conducts additional recruitment if necessary in order to find the right candidate.
  3. Hired employees are handed a detailed document outlining the job role, daily hours for work schedule, responsibilities and other relevant information.
  4. We verify whether all the hired employees have turned up on the first day of work and in case anybody is missing, we arrange for quick replacements.
  5. We do regular follow ups to ensure the placement is a success.

To know more about our services contact us today.

Focused Industries

Our core competency as one of the leading placement agencies Toronto lie in the verticals of information technology, accounting, transportation, industrial construction, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing and engineering. With greater experience and knowledge of the various placement positions in these industries we are capable of finding the best candidate for a particular job role.

Q&A With Recruitment Specialists

For Employers

We leave the method of contact open. You could reach us by phone at 416-514-0733. Alternatively, you can email us at info@teamglobal with a description of the position you are looking to fill and we will reach back to you with haste as we understand the frustration of lacking enough hands. Can’t wait leaving a position open a second longer? Just contact us!
From all of us at Team Global, we look forward to doing business with you!

First and foremost, it removes the burden of in house recruitment. Perhaps you are not always hiring and having a recruiter would be completely inefficient. Just go on a need to hire basis and we take care of the advertising, screening, interviewing and paperwork for each job seeker. The benefits don’t just stop at the recruiting stage but even long after the hire. When we hire the employee to work for you, Team Global takes care of WSIB claims, CPP, EI, Vacation Pay, and our payroll team does the work. We just charge a flat percentage rate so you have less to worry about!

We generally like to have one answer for this one: ASAP. Our agency consists of a diverse team of driven individuals that are committed to getting the job done. Urgency is no stranger to us and we often fulfill common entry level positions within 24 hours of your order. If you are seeking a position that requires education or certification, next day arrival may not always be possible, but you can rest assure that our team will do everything in their power to get it completed ASAP. This is simply the Team Global way.

We aggressively recruit in a multitude of entry level positions for General Labour, Warehouse Crewmen, Assemblers, Packagers, Forklift Operators and many more! We have also recruited for licensed trades such as Electricians, Millwrights, Mechanics, Welders etc.
Office Work? We have that covered too: Ranging from entry level receptionists, bookkeepers and clerks to more skilled work such as Accountants and Administrators. If you have a unique or uncommon position to fill, even if new to us, we will take it on with the same vigor for all our clients over our ten plus years of experience.

Team Global believes that reliable employees are the key to a successful business. They alone can give you the competitive edge that you may need.
With the ebb and flow of business always changing, we understand that in house recruitment can sometimes be difficult. This is why we aim to take this burden off the employer’s shoulders so that they can focus on what really matters: being successful!

For Job Seekers

Job seekers such as you do not pay anything. Coming in to register is free. Getting to know what positions are available is free. Being entered in our database to receive follow up phone calls for opportunities is free. Even if hired through us, we do not charge. So come register now and bring a friend.

We are pleased to say that most of our positions are long-term and have an average of 40 hours per week. We like to see our workers stay at a workplace they enjoy for as long as they choose to stay. And to answer another question: do we pay for statutory holidays? Yes, as per Ontario employment standards.

Nonetheless, some job seekers are only looking for temporary work, and we have that as well. There is no need to worry, as our recruiters will fully explain the position and tell you what to expect in terms of longevity.

We know it is a competitive world out there. Sure, experience helps, but just like everyone else, we all had to start somewhere. Team Global is a great place to start building that resume. We have many entry level positions which could be just the right fit for you, regardless of your previous experience. So whether you are a new comer to Canada, or just finding work for the first time, Team Global is still eager to meet with you and help you each step of the way to landing a position with us.
Team Global has a variety of work available ranging from entry level jobs that require little to no experience, to more skilled work which may require some experience or certification. We take into consideration the requirements and location of the position and best match you so you could achieve a closer commute or a higher pay rate for your skills. General Labour, warehouse crewman, forklift drivers are just to name a few we are always looking for. Have a skilled trade and license? We have that as well. Give us a call or check or check our “Jobs Available” page, we may just have what you are looking for!
Team Global strives to get their job seekers work as quickly as possible. We need to get new workers to our clients every day. Depending on the type of work available, your skill set and your location, it is quite common that we can send you to work the next business day, if you accept the opening. However, it is of your benefit to register regardless so we can make you a profile in our database so we could contact you when suitable work does become available.

Contact Team Global Employment Company today to know more about the ways we can help you in operating your organization smoothly better than any others. Team Global / MSM is one of the leading employment agencies in Ontario specializing in finding highly skilled professionals for information technology projects in large as well as small organizations. Professionals are hired for such projects either on a full-time basis or on a contract-to-hire basis. As the best hiring crew, we have a command of recruitment specialists who meet each candidate personally to evaluate his/her skills, to analyze the attitude, also to check references. Due to this comprehensive screening process, we are able to match the right candidates for your unique job requirements quickly.