Industrial Millwright Job

Salary: $38.00-$40.00 (Journeyman 433A)
Schedule: Monday-Friday – 7 am – 4/5 pm

We are offer a job. We are looking for a Industrial Millwright to maintain the machinery of our client.


  • Assess blueprints to determine work procedures.
  • Install or disassemble industrial machinery and equipment
  • Repair or replace defective machinery parts
  • Detect and troubleshoot irregularities and malfunctions
  • Perform routine maintenance work on machinery
  • Able to inspect and identify abnormalities and malfunctions and repair accordingly
  • Adjust machines and repair defects
  • Operate tools to fabricate parts
  • Clean machines and regularly lubricate to ensure smooth operation
  • Perform regular maintenance duties
  • Assemble through tools and welding
  • Other duties as provided by management
  • Disassemble and reassemble equipment for repair or transportation.
  • Construct and install equipment such as shafting, conveyors and tram rails.
  • Review and interpret engineering specifications, schematics, and blueprints to determine work procedures.
  • Transfer equipment to the applicable site for maintenance to avoid contamination or safety hazards.
  • Supervise construction workers when using the equipment.
  • Work with a range of hand tools including measuring tools, welding and brazing equipment.
  • Determine which machines, techniques, and tools to use when moving equipment and completing jobs.
  • Visit various construction sites.


  • Need a valid 433A Industrial Millwright License
  • Need 1-3 year Manufacturing experience
  • Be able to orally communicate
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to lift 50 lbs and move materials around
If you are interested in this position please contact us at 416-514-0733 or fill out the form!

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