5 Most Commonly Asked Second Interview Questions: What You Should Ask

Congrats! You successfully landed a second interview for the job you have always wanted!

Now you need to come up with the second round of interview questions to ask that will make you stand out as the best candidate for the position. You will need to be prepared when they ask you if you have any follow-up questions.

Since you have made it to the second interview, you have already left a standing impression on the employer. In this round, they are expecting to see what you can bring to the company. If you want to learn more about the overall second interview process, consult your temp agency Toronto.

5 Second Interview Questions to Ask Your Future Employer

  • What does a typical day entail for this position?

This is a good question to see whether your expectation of the position lines up with the reality of the job. What time will your day start? How much of your day will be spent in meetings? What about travel time (if applicable)? How does the office typically communicate? Will you be interacting directly with your manager? Are you going to be a part of a team?

  • What can I do to make a difference in this field?

This question will let the interviewer know that you are willing to take a proactive role in your position. Moreover, it will show that you are looking to make a meaningful contribution to the company. Businesses go for hiring those individuals who strain after making changes and improvements as well as take initiative. Making it past the first round of the interview proves that you were a prime candidate for the job. The second interview is for you to prove that you are the only candidate for the position!

  • Is this a new position within the company?

This question will provide you with some insight into how you can grow with the company. If the position is relatively new, you know that you can make a lasting impression and pave the way for those who will fill the position after you. If the position was previously filled by another person, who has since been promoted, you know that there is room for growth within the company. If you find that there is a high turnover rate for this job, you could view this as a red flag. Ask what the employer is looking for in their ideal candidate for this position and tell them what you can bring to enhance it.

  • Can you tell me about the office culture?

It is always a good idea to have at least one question prepared in reference to the office culture of the business. You can read the interviewer’s tone and body language to gauge their opinion of the general culture of the environment. Pay attention to whether their tone is negative or positive. An extremely negative tone might indicate that you should pursue another offer.

  • What are the next steps in your hiring process?

At the conclusion of the interview, you should ask any follow-up questions you may have about the rest of the hiring process. When do they hope to make their final decision? Do you need to meet with anyone else before the decision is finalized? The answers to these questions will put your mind at ease whether you have a genuine shot at the job, as well as give you insight into what else you need to do to secure the position.

Contact Team Global/ MSM if you have any questions of what else you need to do on a second interview, from how you should dress to second interview questions. Call us today for advice on how to land that dream job!

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