5 Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to Find Job

LinkedIn has become one of the most popular sites for professional networking. Anyone who has had a job or is looking for a job is on LinkedIn. If you have not yet joined and wonder how to use Linkedin to find a job, you should not hesitate to do so. Millions of people have found their dream job using their connections on LinkedIn.

Before LinkedIn existed, job-searchers spent hours mailing out their resumes, making phone calls to prospective employers, and pounding the pavement in search of work. However, thanks to LinkedIn, it is that much easier to find the perfect job. In fact, most job agencies utilize LinkedIn to find both recruiters and possible candidates for jobs.


Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to Find Job

Using LinkedIn to find jobs is more than just listing your past and current employers and checking your account once a week to see if you have any new connections. LinkedIn is a viable source for networking and job-searching. Keep these tips in mind.

  • Maximize Your LinkedIn Headline

The headline below your LinkedIn Username is a great way to market yourself. Your username should be your real name and not a nickname as this is for a professional job networking site and not SnapChat or Twitter. Your name and headline are the only two things that show up on a Linkedin Search, in addition to your profile picture.

Make sure that your headline stands out. You have 120 Characters in which to market yourself to potential employers. Avoid using phrases such as “Multi-Talented Artist” and instead say “Award-Winning Illustrator.”

  • Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is not just a place to cut-and-paste your resume. There are so many features that can help you look more attractive to potential employers. You can upload samples of your writing or artwork, a video of your leadership skills, or even your most impressive PowerPoint presentation.

  • Follow Companies That Interest You Career-Wise

One of the best features of LinkedIn is that you can follow your targeted companies. This way you can stay up-to-date on everything, from their latest blogs to their most recent job openings. LinkedIn is the premier site for business networking, so take advantage of this and follow those companies in which you are interested.

  • Expand Your Network

The more you expand your “first-degree” network on LinkedIn, the better your chances of finding your dream job. You want to ensure that your LinkedIn profile has as much visibility as possible. So, connect with as many colleagues, school classmates, relatives, friends, and business contacts as possible. You never know what connections you may find!

  • Dedication

Simply logging onto your LinkedIn account once a week to see if you have any new invites or messages is not the way to find a job. Make your LinkedIn account an active part of your job search. Log in every day to make new connections and use the LinkedIn advanced job search engine to assist you. Be proactive and reach out to those companies in which you are interested.

Keep in mind these tips on how to use LinkedIn to find a job, and you will be a success! Be sure to connect with Team Global / MSM to aid you in your job search! We have connected thousands of employees with great companies over the years!

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