7 Essential Skills for Resume for Receptionist Positions To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Receptionist jobs are plentiful these days with competitive salaries, room for advancement, and comprehensive benefits packages. Thus, if you are pursuing a career in this field, you need your resume to stand out from the rest. To do so, you should include the following 8 skills for a resume for a career as a receptionist.

As well as an eye-catching resume, be sure to include a professional and job-specific receptionist or administrative assistant cover letter with your application.

7 T0p Skills for Resume for Receptionist Positions

Be sure to include the following 8 good skills for your resume on your receptions job application:

Communication​​ and Interpersonal Skills

Firstly, you should be sure to highlight your written and verbal communication skills on your resume. This includes any customer service experience as well as office support skills. In addition, you should include your ability to maintain professional interpersonal relations with both employees and clients.


Since a receptionist is essentially the eyes and ears of the company, it is imperative that they are extremely reliable. They will most likely deal with every employee and client within the company so it is recommended to highlight the fact that you are dependable on your resume to give you an edge on the competition.

Ability to Take Initiative and Problem-Solve

Administrative assistants and receptions alike are required to take on a multitude of job tasks other than their conventional role. This includes tasks such as billing, making travel arrangements, and event planning. Some companies even allow their receptionist or admin assistants to screen potential job applicants and manage the company’s social media account. It is crucial to highlight on your resume any example of when you showed initiative on the job as well as your problem-solving skills.

Ability to Multitask

As an integral part of the company, it is essential that you possess the ability to simultaneously handle a number of tasks. This includes face-to-face contact with visitors, clients, and employees including management, clerical tasks, and managing phone lines. Be sure to include a detailed list of all the tasks you have managed in your past and include examples of how you excel at multitasking.


An outstanding receptionist is able to maintain organization on every assignment or task they are assigned. You should be able to readily locate files, phone numbers, and other pertinent information at a moment’s notice while maintaining a neat and well-organized work area. Be sure to include examples of your organizational skills on your receptionist resume.


As you will have to assign multiple duties at one time, it is critical that you are able to prioritize your duties. This also entails the ability to be able to thrive under pressure. On your resume include examples of how you remain calm under pressure so your potential employer can see that you are not easily distracted.

Technical Skills

As a receptionist, it is a given that you are proficient in word processing skills such as Office Excel, PowerPoint, and basic technical skills. If you have any experience with industry-specific software this can give you an edge on the competition so be sure to include this on your resume.
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