7 Top Online Jobs From Home

7 Top Online Jobs From Home

For years people have been dreaming of work-from-home jobs, and recent events have made this dream come true for millions of people. However, some of the online jobs from home are not all they’re cracked up to be, as some of them turn out to be scams.

This is why it is important to know which online work-from-home jobs are legitimate. A good place to start is with your local jobs agency. They have the inside scoop on which companies are hiring for work from home jobs online.

We have put together a list of some online jobs from home to get you started in your online job search. Take the time to research the company to ensure that they are 100% legit. Most companies do not ask for exorbitant fees for working online, so this could be a warning sign. A quick google search of the company name and “scam” can save you from being scammed. 

7 Best Online Jobs From Home

  • Call Center Work From Home Jobs

In the last year, many companies have transited to remote workplaces. This has caused the amount of virtual call center jobs to skyrocket. Experience with a call center or customer service job can help you land one of these online call center jobs. And if you are bilingual, you have an even better shot as this gives you an edge. 

  • Data Entry Online Jobs

Data entry work from home jobs typically involve inputting and transferring company data into spreadsheets. Some data entry jobs also involve transcription. Be careful as there are quite a few data entry job scams online. If they ask you to pay for software or kits, take this as a red flag. 

  • Social Media Work From Home Jobs Online

As social media presence is becoming a must for everyone from major corporations to online influencers, there are more and more jobs for social media. These can include virtual assistants, account managers, strategy development, and scheduling posts. Marketing experience is a plus, but not needed. However, extensive knowledge of social media and how they work platforms is a must. 

  • Work from Home Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs require at least some experience with transcription software. Again, this is a job that often has fake listings, so proceed with care. However, if you have experience in the medical, financial, and legal fields, you should be able to find an online transcription job. 

  • Freelance Writing Online Jobs From Home

Freelance writing consists of a vast array of work from home jobs including blogging, SEO and content writing, editing, proofreading, and crowdsourcing. Most works from home writers are freelancers, however, you can find some contracted positions with a company. It pays to build a portfolio, so you can submit samples if required when applying for online writing jobs. 

  • Work From Home Jobs in the Medical Field

While one might not think that work from home jobs in the medical field are common, there are actually quite a few online jobs available. These include medical coding, medical transcription, and even medical coding. As well, there is pharmaceutical work from home jobs that include medication counseling and reviewing prescriptions. Keep in mind that most of these jobs will require schooling, training, or some type of medical certification. 

  • Art and Design Online Jobs From Home

A plethora of advertising, media and marketing companies are offering online positions for freelance artists. These include illustration, graphic design, and photography. As with freelance writing jobs, you will need to create a portfolio of your previous work. 

Contact Team Global / MSM for an updated list of online jobs from home. We can help you find the best work-from-home job for your skillset and experience.

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