A Guide on How to Give The 2 Weeks Notice Letter

A Guide on How to Give The 2 Weeks Notice Letter

Deciding whether to quit your job or stay can be difficult. You are uncertain of getting a new opportunity once you quit, or if you have a new job, you don’t know how good or bad it will be. Besides, telling your boss is another challenging part because you are unsure of their reaction, yet you want a good recommendation letter. However, you can inform your boss about quitting professionally. It all depends on how you give your 2 weeks notice letter. 

The tone in your resignation letter should be calm and respectful. Whether you are working under a job agency in Toronto or you are fully under a company and you are at this stage in life where you want to resign from your current job, check this guide out. 

Importance Of a 2 Weeks Notice Letter

There is a difference between quitting the job and giving notice. When you give the two weeks’ notice, it indicates wrapping up work. You should finish all the assignments remaining or train the new replacement before leaving. 

The notice also gives the company a grace period to find a replacement. Your position will be vacant, and failure to fill it as fast as possible can cause a lag in the company’s end-year goals. 

When employees give the two-weeks notice, they are practicing professionalism. It is a polite gesture to the company and not an obligation. It makes the company feels that you care and you are not quitting because the work experience has no value. 

A two-weeks notice will help you get a good reference. Even if you had a nad boss, giving them the notice makes them view you as a professional and write an excellent reference to help you in the future job search. 

How To Resign From The Job

Once you’ve decided to resign from your job, these steps will help you with how to write a 2 weeks notice:

  • Who To Tell

Your direct supervisor and the HR rep are the first two people to tell you that you are quitting. The supervisor distributes work in the department, so they should figure out how to do it as they find your replacement. The HR rep is responsible for your paperwork. 

  • When To Notify

Although you are free to give your two weeks notice letter at any time, it will also depend on the company’s season. If there is a lot of work, wait until you finish your tasks to notify HR and your direct supervisor. Leaving in the middle of all those tasks will make you evade responsibilities. 

  • How To Notify

The two-week notice is better when discussed face-to-face. Writing an email or letter is impersonal because people misinterpret the tones. Besides, a face-to-face discussion enables your authorities to ask any questions, and you can answer them. 

You can also easily express your appreciation for working in the company. Before the scheduled meeting, you should also prepare a written resignation letter.

  • What To Say

Holding the meeting with your HR and supervisor can be straightforward, but what will you say during the meeting? Do not beat around the bush once you decide to break the news. Going straight to the point is more professional and looks more honest. 

Ensure you explain to them why you are leaving the company. Also, give the exact date you want to leave. If you got a new job, there is no harm in telling your seniors about it.

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