Accounting Career Advice: How to Ask For A Raise

Asking for a raise can be very intimidating, no matter what your chosen profession is. A career in accounting can be extremely lucrative, but are you sure you are getting paid what you are worth? In case you are not, are you aware of the best manner to ask for a raise?

The following article shall offer some helpful advice from the top temp agencies Toronto as to how to successfully ask for a raise in the accounting field. You want to ensure that you get all the pay increases and promotions to which you are entitled.

How to Ask for a Raise

Research Your Salary

You need to know what the average pay rate for your specific job is, as well as those similar to yours. Research the going rates for accounting jobs in Canada and then determine the average to use as a benchmark. If your current salary is below the benchmark, you will be able to use this research to present your case.

Maximize Your Job Achievements

When asking for a raise, you need to make a list of the bottom-line achievements you have brought to the company. It is all in the wording. Instead of simply stating, “I kept an accurate spreadsheet of our numbers during the year,” you need to highlight the benefit of that task. You should instead say, “I was able to deduct 15 hours from the end-of-month closing by _____.” Highlight your specific achievements and word them so that your boss knows what valuable asset you are to the company.

Plan Out Your Approach

You should practice your approach beforehand. Make some notes of key statements and practice them out loud. Ask a friend to role-play with you so that you will not be nervous. Have them ask you questions about the reasons why you think you deserve a pay increase. Make sure to make eye contact and fine-tune your body language. If you do not come across as a self-assured person and believe with your whole heart that you deserve a raise, neither will your boss.

Have a Fallback Plan in Place

It is always a good idea to have a contingency plan in the event that your boss is unable to give you a raise. Perhaps, the company has decided not to give increases at that time as it is not in their fiscal budget. However, if you are in fact turned down for a raise, it is not wrong to politely ask for a reason. Do not get emotional. Calmly ask your boss why you were denied a raise. Ask what you can do to merit a raise in the future.

If the budget is indeed an issue, you can ask for other alternatives, such as compensation time, increased benefits, or vacation time. Moreover, you can ask for a new title or company stock. Just make sure that your tone of voice and manner is calm and professional at all times.

Should you need more advice on how to ask for a raise, contact Team Global/MSM. We can give you expert advice on how to negotiate a pay increase. Call us today!

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