Advantages Of Contacting Employment Agencies For Qualified Employees

An advert announcing a job vacancy receives numerous applications in response. Unfortunately, not all of the applicants fit the requirement as they do not have the necessary skills or the experience for doing the job effectively. However, this trend cannot be blamed on the wannabe qualified employees either especially when living in Toronto and GTA, a place with relatively high living expenses. Employers do not have the time to sift through hundreds of applications in order to find out those that fit the bill. They, therefore, turn to employment agencies for help. This action not only saves them time but the additional cost of offloading this task onto a staffing agency may also prove to be financially advantageous as they do not have to employ valuable resources for recruitment thereby keeping them off from their usual responsibilities.

The procedure for streamlining the recruitment process requires certain skills as well. The employment agencies Toronto are well equipped to handle them, that too within the shortest possible time. However, the entire exercise of shortlisting the desired candidates is not an easy task at all. Having the required qualifications along with experience does not always make the candidate eligible for the concerned post though. It requires certain other considerations as well. All qualified personnel of the placement agencies takes care to do the following:-

Checklist For Short Listing the Applications

  • The applicant has the requisite educational qualifications and background
  • Is experienced with the details provided about his / her extent of experience
  • Has all the accreditations and certifications required for the job
  • Finding out whether the candidate is open to shifts, working on weekends occasionally, traveling on the job, or willing to relocate if necessary

Advertising The Job Opening

While the onus of advertising the job opening lies with the employer, a number of employment agencies agree to handle this responsibility too. The task includes

  • Posting on multiple job portals
  • Taking out adverts on print media as well as online classifieds
  • Adding the information on the company’s website
  • Keeping all professional groups and associations informed about the vacancy
  • Using social media to get the message across

Process of Receiving Applications

Simply asking a job seeker to apply is not enough though. It is essential to let the prospective qualified employees know the method for application as well. The employment agencies usually request the applicants to send their applicants via a variety of methods including but not limited to:

  • Letters or e-mails
  • Phone calls
  • Visiting in person especially when the vacancy is for a fresher
  • Applying at a job fair or uploading the resume on the website of the company is often permissible

The employment agencies email the short-listed/selected candidate by email or call them up with the happy news.  Fortunately, most staffing agencies are focused on the recruitment task and the company often shifts the entire responsibility of hiring efficient employees to them. A professional placement agency, therefore, takes care of the entire process from start to finish and the company only selects the final candidate who is thought to be eligible for occupying the post.

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