Advice on Cold Calling for Jobs in Toronto

Advice on Cold Calling for Jobs in Toronto

Do you get nervous before cold calling for jobs? Do you freeze up or stumble over your words? It might be the thing people dread the most other than public speaking.

So, how does one overcome their fear of cold calling potential jobs? With some patience and maybe a little practice, it can be done successfully. It also helps to sign up with a reputable temp agency Toronto, as they will assist you with the process. Following is some advice on cold calling a possible employer. 

11 Tips on Cold Calling for Jobs

  • Submit your resume before you place the call

You should always send your resume and cover letter to the company in question before making the initial contact. A job agency will send out your resume, which is indeed one of the many benefits of employment agencies.

  • Research the company

It is always a good idea to have some general knowledge about the company that you are calling. Take some time to properly research the company, specifically the position and department for which you are applying. Prior knowledge of the company will be a lasting impression.

  • Know with whom you want to speak

Find out the name of the person you need to speak with, whether it is the manager, human resources assistant, or administrative assistant. This makes you look professional as well as prepared. 

  • Learn how to speak with administrative assistants, secretaries, and the like

In most cases “gatekeepers” (receptionist and assistants) will just attempt to get your name and number, rather than transfer you to the person with whom you wish to speak. Be firm and confident as well as courteous. Politely insist on speaking to your contact if they are available. 

  • Have a script prepared

Have a general idea of how you want your conversation to go. Write it out beforehand and practice aloud if you are nervous. This will help you feel at ease when cold calling for jobs.

  • Be ready to leave a voice mail

In many cases, your call will go directly to voicemail. Be prepared to leave a short, but detailed message stating the purpose of your call. Leave your name and contact information and request a callback. Do not forget to mention the person with whom you wish to speak. If it will help you feel more at ease, have a voice mail script prepared and practice it in advance. 

  • Be direct

Regardless if you are speaking directly to a person or leaving a voicemail, you need to be direct and to the point. Speak clearly and concisely. State your name, the name of your contact, the purpose of your call, and your contact information. Do not ramble on. Keep it short and sweet. 

  • Overcome objections

Have a list of objections prepared and practice ways to overcome them. If the caller insists that they are too busy, politely respond with “This will only take a minute.” Having an answer to their objections gives you an air of confidence as well as earns their respect.

  • Ask for an interview/meeting

Follow the business rule of “always be closing.” Be sure to ask for an in-person interview or meeting. Or, at least ask for the name of whom you should speak to next. This will show that you are serious about the job

  • Thank them for their time

Do not forget to take a second to thank them for their time. This shows common courtesy as well as that you respect them for taking time out of their busy schedule to speak with you.

  • Follow up

If you do not hear back from the company in a week, follow up with an email or another phone call. This will show that you are genuinely interested in the job.

Contact Team Global / MSM if you have any further questions about cold calling for jobs. We can assist you every step of the way in your job search.

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