Advice on How to Accept A Job Offer Via the Internet

Advice on How to Accept A Job Offer Via the Internet

Now that you have finally landed your dream job, you might feel a bit confused as to what to do next. Especially now that most job offers are extended via the internet. You might feel confused as to exactly how to accept a job offer via email.

In this article, we will discuss how to respond to a job offer by email. You might also wish to reach out to the temp agency that helped you secure the job to let them know whether you are accepting the offer. 

How to Accept a Job Offer via Email

Until the last decade or so, most job offers were extended via telephone or even by regular mail. Since the internet has become the most widely used form of communication, now you will find yourself receiving offers through email. So of course, you need to know how to accept a job offer by email.

Acceptance Email

Most employers will typically request an acceptance email in which you will officially agree to the terms of the particular job offer. This is to be sent to your potential future employer once they have sent you an official job offer that will generally include such information as job title, intended start date, pay rate, and other such terms. Most employers will keep this letter in your file as official to document your official acceptance of the job offer. Keep in mind this may be a time-sensitive offer so be sure to reply by the requested deadline, regardless if you are accepting or rejecting the offer.

Tips on How to Accept a Job Offer via Email

  • Subject Line

The subject line of your acceptance email must be clear and concise. The purpose of the subject line is to indicate that you are the sender as well as what the email is about. Following is an example:

Your name: Accepting (Company’s Name) Offer of Employment

  • Be Sure to Address the Acceptance Email to the Appropriate Person

Generally, the letter should be addressed to the person who sent you the job offer letter. If the letter was received via email, it should be addressed to the sender. However, if the offer was verbal or written, it should be addressed to the hiring manager, recruiter, or direct supervisor.

  • Thank them for the Job Offer

In your acceptance letter, you should not only thank the employer for the interview, but for providing you with the opportunity to work with the company as well. This will allow you to express both your gratitude and your enthusiasm in a professional manner.

  • Express Your Agreement to the Terms of Employment

Your job offer acceptance email should be concise and to the point. However, it is a good idea to restate the terms that you and your employer have agreed to during the interview and in their job offer email. For example, you should state that you accept their terms regarding benefits, salary, start date, and so forth.

Should you wish to negotiate any of the terms mentioned in the offer letter, it is best to ask the employer to discuss these items before submitting your official email of acceptance. For example, you might need to negotiate the start date, explaining why you need to extend the time to better prepare yourself for the new position. 

  • Sign the Acceptance Email

Finally, you should complete the job acceptance email with a short, but professional, signature.  Once again thank the individual for the opportunity.  Then, send the email with a closing solution such as “Sincerely” or “Best Regards.” This will carry on the professional tone of the email. Next, sign your full name. 

If you have any more questions on how to accept a job offer, feel free to contact us at Team Global/MSM. We will help you every step of the way, from submitting your resume to accepting the job offer. 

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