Advice on How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself in Your Next Job Interview

Advice on How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself in Your Next Job Interview

We have all been there in a job interview, “So why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself?” And we suddenly go blank and cannot think of what to say. But you are in luck! We have gathered some expert tips on how to answer tell me about yourself to put you at ease in your next job interview.

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Keep reading for helpful tips on the best tell me about yourself answers and you’ll be sure to answer with confidence!

How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself in a Job Interview

You are probably wondering why a potential employer would even say, “Go ahead and tell me about yourself.” To put it simply, they use the question as a way to transition from the initial greeting to the actual interview itself. Usually, interviews start off with formal introductions, a handshake, and some small talk about the weather, the last big sporting event, or whatnot. By asking you to talk about yourself for a bit, they are able to break away from the small talk and set the tone for the interview

In addition, when you answer the question, you are giving the interviewer some insight into your personality as well as why you would be the best person for the position. As such, you are showcasing your communication skills and giving them a sense of your professional demeanor. 

Now that you know why the question is asked, you can use the following tips on how to answer tell me about yourself:

  • Keep a positive tone.

Always remain positive and optimistic. Never say anything negative or degrading about any of your former employers or employees. Remember, that this is your only chance to make a first impression. Keep it upbeat, positive, and professional at all costs.

  • Do not ramble on endlessly.

Keep your answer short. Provide them with only details that are pertinent to the job and company for which you are applying. According to experts, your answer to “Tell me about yourself” should be approximately between one and two minutes in length. 

  • Make sure that your answer is relevant to that particular situation.

The basic reason this question is asked is that the hiring manager wants you to inform them as to why you are the best candidate for the position. Be sure to tweak your answer to match the specific company and position at hand. You might even want to do some research about the company before the interview so that you sound as though you are well-informed about the company and the position for which you are interviewing.

  • Avoid reiterating your resume.

If you have been called in for an interview with the HR manager, they have already reviewed your resume, so they do not want you to simply recite your resume back to them verbatim during the interview process. You might want to focus on one or two aspects that show your qualifications for that particular job instead.

  • Answer the question in two parts.

The best way to ensure that you are providing them with only information that pertains to that position is to stick to the following: what qualifies you for the job and what qualities/experience you have to offer the company.

  • Remain professional.

Even though it might seem tempting to share a humorous anecdote or personal details of your life, you should maintain a professional demeanor while you are answering the question.

The staff at Team Global / MSM is here to give you advice on how to present yourself with a job interview as well as to help you with your job search. Give us a call today to get started on the path to your dream job.

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