Advice on How to Write A Professional Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

One of the things you need to do to begin your job search as an administrative assistant is to design a resume that highlights your experience level and skills. Once you have finished your resume, you need to craft an administrative assistant cover letter to accompany your resume. A resume is essential, but a cover letter is what will catch the eye of a potential employer.

After you have done so, you should sign with a job agency in Toronto to assist you in your job search. In addition, they can review your resume and cover letter and offer you advice.

The following article will provide you with tips on how to write an eye-catching and professional administrative or office assistant cover letter.

Tips for Writing an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter:

One of the most important things to keep in mind when composing your administrative assistant cover letter is to match your skills to those requirements outlined in the job description of the specific job for which you are applying. Cutting and pasting a general cover letter for every job is not going to land you the job you want. Hiring managers tend to make a decision on potential candidates for a position on the appeal of their cover letters, while resumes are a dime dozen.

Components of a Professional Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

 Greeting: Keep in mind that a cover letter should be written in a conversational tone as opposed to a resume, which is essentially an outline of your skills and experience. Never begin your letter with “to whom it may concern.” Always use the hiring manager’s name even if you have to call the company to find out their name. Never assume their gender or marital status based on their name either unless it is otherwise designated.

Introduction: In the first paragraph of your cover letter, you need to ensure you have caught the attention of the hiring manager. Take some time to do some research about the company beforehand and start with the reasons why you are aspiring to work for that company and why you want that specific position in that particular department.

Qualifications: Next, you want to highlight your level of experience as well as your skills. Show them what you have to offer their company. Tell them in a few short sentences why you feel you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Closing: Finally, you need to wrap up your cover letter with a few sentences that cover your career accomplishments, special skills, and any training that will make you stand out from the other candidates who are vying for the same position. End the letter stating that you look forward to meeting with them to discuss the position in person. Conclude by signing your full name and providing your contact details.

Contact Team Global/MSM if you require assistance in composing an administrative assistant cover letter. We look forward to assisting you in your job search for the position of administrative assistant.

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