Why Should You Consider General Labor Jobs Toronto

Summer is a happy time. Unfortunately eating, drinking, and making merry will not pay your bills. You have to be gainfully employed for meeting your expenses too. No worries though! There are a number of staffing agencies that have ample general labor jobs Toronto. Will they be able to provide you with a summer job? Do read on for the details…

Variety of Summer Jobs

Most of these jobs are strictly temporary in nature and you will be employed for a few days. However, a handful of them can go on infinitely making it akin to permanent employment. You might find offers as an HVAC or maintenance technician or a property manager. You may also be asked to do grounds keeping or join as warehouse workers handling industrial tasks that happen to be light in nature.

Qualities Required 

The job agencies do their own specific set of interviewing before shortlisting the candidates for a particular post. A presentable individual having the requisite qualifications for the job is not enough though.

  • The placement agencies make sure to check the dependability of each candidate by asking for past references and work experience details in the past.
  • Attention to detail and an ability to follow instructions both written and verbal perfectly is yet another consideration that is taken into account.
  • A record for having worked for long in the same position is an added advantage when it comes to a summer job.
  • The staffing agencies ensure that the candidates pass the ‘National Background Check’ and have their own transportation before adding the name to the list of short-listed candidates.
  • A few of these labor-intensive jobs look for employees who are able to withstand the vagaries of weather in Toronto and are equipped to lift an appreciable quantity of weight in the course of the work.


While being qualified for the concerned job is of paramount importance, a number of companies and firms are willing to take on novices and train them. This kind of position requires no experience and is perfect for newbies.

However, other jobs require specific skills. An HVAC worker for instance is required to possess a recognized HVAC certification that allows the employee to work closely with his team members in gauging the extent of damage before undertaking the repairs for varied heating and cooling systems installed within the residence. The employee is also expected to maintain the service records and interact with the customers in order to resolve the issue until it is closed satisfactorily.

Almost all the workers employed by various light industries need to understand and have prior experience in machine operating, handling sheet metals & heat treat operation along with assembly. An experienced hand with thorough knowledge of warehouse and related areas are usually placed instantly as the need for such employees often exceed the availability. Knowing how to operate injection mold machines is considered to be advantageous for being placed.

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