Etiquette for Writing Workplace Thank You Messages for Support

Etiquette for Writing Workplace Thank You Messages for Support

Everyone knows it’s proper etiquette to write thank you notes for gifts, kind gestures from friends and family, and thank you messages for support.  However, some are unaware that this is also a proper protocol for the workplace.

In this article, we will advise on the proper way to compose thank you notes for support at the workplace.  You should also send a thank you note after a job interview, as any reputable job agency will concur.

Tips for Composing Thank You Messages for Support at Work

Why do I need to write thank you messages at work?

Thank you messages in the workplace are just as important as those in our personal lives. For example, building and maintaining professional relationships in the workplace is essential. We should show them that we value their time, assistance, and support. 

As well, thank you professional notes, phone calls, or emails show that you appreciate those around you and create an overall positive working environment. If you are looking for a job, thank you notes after an interview show that you generally appreciate the interview opportunity and are genuinely interested in the position in question. 

On what occasions should I send thank you messages for support at work?

Of course, there are obvious times for one to send a professional thank-you note, such as thanks for a gift or special occasion (such as a bridal or baby shower). However, there are several other occasions when it is considered polite to send a thank you message at the office.

  1. As upper management, it is considered proper etiquette to send thank you notes to your staff if they have gone above and beyond. It is also a good idea to send thank you notes to your employees at least once a year, thanking them for their efforts. A short but kind thank you note should be part of an employee’s annual bonus.
  2. If you have a mentor or trainer at work, sending them a thank you note for their help in your career is considered polite. Show them that you are grateful for their guidance, training, advice, and support.
  3. If someone recommends you for a position within the company or provides a professional reference, you should send them a thank you message.
  4. If your office receives a charitable donation, it is polite to follow up with a formal thank you.
  5. Once you have finished an internship position with a company, you should send them a thank you note. This lets them know you appreciate the opportunity and may even put you in the running to obtain a permanent position within the company. 

How should I send thank you messages for support?

While hand-written notes may seem old-fashioned, they are classic and timeless. If you are not under a time crunch, you can hand-deliver or send the thank you note via interoffice mail; it is ideal for sending a handwritten thank you message. However, if time is of the essence, sending a thank you email is considered polite. 

A workplace thank you message does not have to be lengthy. A few lines will do, but keep the tone polite, address the person who is being thanked, and specifically state why you are thanking them. Be sure to include the date, your full name, and your contact info in the note. 

For more advice on thank you messages for support, writing your resume, or job hunting in general, contact Team Global / MSM. We can help you along every step as you embark upon your new and exciting career path.

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