How to Answer “What Is Your Weakness” for Job Interview

One of the hardest questions to answer in a job interview, other than “tell me about yourself” is “What are your weaknesses?” Most people can easily list their strengths, but often struggle when it comes to listing their weaknesses for a job interview.

If you are registered with a reputable job agency, they will help you answer this question. They may even run a mock interview to help you tone your interview skills, as well as help you find the best job for your skill level.

In this article, we shall discuss why the “list your weakness” question is so important during a job interview. As well, we shall provide you with some good weaknesses for job interview examples. This way you will be well prepared to answer this question during your next job interview.

Why Do Employers Ask You to List Weaknesses for a Job Interview?

You might be wondering why potential employers ask you to list your weaknesses during a job interview. Of course, it’s much easier for most people to list their accomplishments and achievements. Pointing out weaknesses for a job interview is harder for most people. So why do employers even ask this question in the first place?

Essentially, the person conducting the interview is asking you “what are your weaknesses” in order to get a sense of how you handle constructive criticism. As well, they want to know if you are willing to overcome these obstacles as well as how open you are to change. 

Tips For Answering “What is Your Weakness” During a Job Interview?

The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your answer short and sweet. You don’t want to go into too many details and make yourself look bad. You need to frame your answer positively, so you will still be in the running for the job. As well, you do not want them to perceive you as cocky or arrogant. 

“Please tell me your weaknesses” is one of the most commonly asked questions during a job interview, so it pays to be prepared. Prior to the interview, you should think about ways in which you have felt challenged at a previous job. Or during your schooling, if this is your first job. Take the time to write down a list of some of your challenges or shortcomings. Think about aspects of your work that your previous employers (or teachers) have mentioned need improvement. 

The best way to discuss your weakness for a job interview is to put a positive spin on your weakness. Instead, discuss how you turned that weakness into a strength, admitting that you recognized the need for improvement. You can also discuss the steps you took to overcome that weakness such as taking a training course, joining a professional organization, or finding a mentor.

List Of Examples Of Weakness Of a Job Interview

  • My biggest weakness is that I tend to take on too much work. I, however, have learned to pace myself and take on only those tasks that are crucial.”
  • I have trouble asking for help when needed as I enjoy working independently. I have since made it an effort to enlist the help of others when needed.”
  • I find that I am often too honest and this can sometimes be hurtful. I have worked on thinking before I speak so that my words come across as positive and not harsh.

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