How to Choose the Best Temp Staffing Agency in Toronto

How to Choose the Best Temp Staffing Agency in Toronto

Your goal should be to find and choose the best temp staffing agency in Toronto when you need spots filled. When you start recruitment for your company, you try to hire the best and the most skilled employees that can work well with your company’s vision. But unpredictability rests in every hook and corner of life.

Sometimes your best employees can fall victim to unfortunate circumstances or sometimes, they may have some personal business that may require them to take off from work for a while. This is the time you plan for temporary staff engagement with your firm. Your Toronto temp staffing agency is basically your crisis management mechanism that fills in the gap for your permanent employees.  However, it is important that you adapt to a more strategic approach when choosing your temp staffing agency as they are valuable in minimizing costs and securing productivity in crucial times.

This article is dedicated to providing you with facts on evaluating temporary help-finding agencies for your business. We have enumerated various factors that need to be checked before you sign a contract with any such agency.

Using Your Temps

More frequently temporary employees provide assistance to the fluctuations in the company’s flow of work when permanent staff has taken a rest. However, there are some characteristic use cases for temporary employees that companies employ for their benefit.

  • The first scenario: In this case, companies, to save money, hire more temporary staff and give their temps bulkier tasks to handle. This type of hiring could be for large mailings, working on unexpected orders, and completing time-sensitive projects.
  • The second scenario: In this use case, companies hire temps as contingency workers to fill positions that are temporarily vacant. This facilitates firms in reducing over piling of work on permanent employees’ desks and clearing the backlog of pending tasks. It can also help in reducing the need to shuffle job responsibilities.
  • The Third scenario: In the third use case, companies hire temps to fill in permanent positions. They evaluate temporary employees’ performance over the contract time and hire them for permanent positions if their work seems satisfactory.

Why Choosing the Right Temp Staffing Agency Important?

There are many benefits to choosing the right staffing company for your firm. First of all, the bottom line is that your company’s success is directly proportional to the quality of staff you hire. If the company is overloaded with openings and is having a difficult time filling even the niche positions, then it would create a bad reputation for you in the market or deem you as not an employee-friendly organization. A staffing agency can facilitate gathering all the requisite data to determine its hiring needs and then evaluate which candidate is fit for the company’s culture, work environment, industry, and position. For instance, Team Global secures you with efficient backup plans and the best reserve of temp employees who can work for you in times of crisis.

Before Choosing a Temp Staffing Agency

Determining your needs: You should have a clear idea about your staffing requirements. Before an agency can help you, you should know what you need from the agency and what kind of help you want. For example, evaluate the kind of person you would want for certain positions. Do you prefer experience over education or vice versa?

Analyze your projects at hand: Different projects will require different personnel. You may want to analyze the prerequisites for the majority of the projects and then talk to your staffing agency about your needs. Many companies may provide your staff on a per-project basis.

Shop around for services: There are multiple staffing agencies catering to different levels of hiring. It can range from small operations to multinational agencies that recruit at a national level. However, you may also necessitate temp employees depending on your projects. Thoroughly check the services and choose the one that aligns with your needs.

  • You can check out diverse staffing agencies and also take references.
  • Determine fees
  • Evaluate the turnover rate- especially for accountants, office staff, and executives.
  • Ask if your agency will visit your location and know your corporate culture.
  • Analyze how well they can understand the need for supervisors and find their approach to filling positions.
  • You can always ask for a presentation and a detailed perspective plan for your recruitment process.

Qualities Your Staffing Agency Should Have

Here are some qualities your Toronto staffing agency should have:

Location-based services – Operating your business in Toronto, your staffing agency should always take the location into consideration. A company that is well versed in the region always gives you an upper hand as it will know how to hire people from the particular region.

For instance, Team Global has an office in Toronto and all across its neighborhoods. As such, we give you better service in comparison to those employment firms that aren’t rooted in your region and don’t have the capability to meet the candidates in person.

Count on Interactions: When interacting by telephone or email, you will get a clue about the agency, and concurrently, the agency must take note of your business’ character and style of working. Staffing firms are employers themselves, and their management practices will greatly affect the quality of employees that they hire for you.

If the management attitude and aptitude match your desires, that agency can perfectly recruit, hire, and train staff for you professionally and are capable enough to help you with any hiring needs, particularly temp staff.

Understanding your business culture: Companies that consider your business’ culture when searching for candidates deliver you better results. Matching your organization’s work culture is quite significant for corporate houses and enterprises that are steadfast in growth.

Boutique agencies often only run for lead generation and do not necessarily check the skill set and predilection according to your organization’s needs.

Appropriating customer service: When you are urgently looking for the right candidates, you may not want agencies to turn down your calls or simply pretend they are busy hiring. Ask them to be aware of their services and support levels. You should always check reviews about their ability to provide strong resumes.

Filling up specialist Positions: Temporary employees are hard to get for specialist positions, but staffing agencies are trained to hire employees in accordance with employee demand. If you need some professionals at higher positions for a temporary time period, then staffing agencies may ask you to pay a higher hourly rate if you absolutely cannot do without a curtain specialist.

Comprehensive Screening Process: Your staffing agency should do a thorough screening test even when choosing temporary candidates for its client. If your agency is not doing the same and just filling up posts without proper investigation and background checks, then it is a commissioning loss to the company. A candidate should go through proper screening, interview, and skill tests.

What Services Should a Staffing Agency Provide?

Candidates with different capacities: Staffing agencies should provide candidates with different capacities, which include temporary staff, temp-to-hire, etc. It is not necessary that you may require all their services at once, but it is always good to have an overview of their staffing abilities.

Contract hires for immediate filling: Ask your staffing agency if it can provide you with contractual hiring that can fill the position temporarily. It will depend on your requirements and how long you want to keep them- for a day, week, or month. The employee’s payroll is taken care of by the agency, and the invoice is provided to the client.

Temp-to-hire ability: Temp-to-hire fundamentally means that a candidate is hired with the intention of hiring for a full-time position. Companies use this service to fill the position permanently but may want to check the candidate’s work efficiency first. The agency in this scenario takes care of payroll, contract, and benefits and determines the number of work hours as well.

Provide Direct Hiring: If the company requires direct hiring then the staffing agency should be able to pass a qualified candidate to its client. The agency only presents them with candidates and has nothing to do with payroll, benefits, and any other dealing with the company. Hire the staffing agency just gets a fee from the company based on candidates’ first-year salary.

Payrolling option: The payrolling option is good if you want to hire a candidate yourself as per your requirements but need a staffing agency to complete the formalities and other hiring procedures.

Here your staffing agency should take care of the candidate’s pay through its payroll and benefits. This reduces the cost of recruitment, especially if you have some reference candidates. The agency will lower the cost because it doesn’t have to spend time finding the right candidate for you.

Team Global is a seasoned lineup of staffing specialists that hire by apprehending the dynamics of your business. We fill the gaps on an immediate basis and have experience in rendering temp services. If you are also seeking the services of an employment agency in the Toronto region, we can aid you in managing staff, improving productivity, and reducing employee turnover. You can always check out our staffing agency services to know more about how we help. Hurry up! Contact us today to start hiring your temp staff promptly.

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