How to Compose a Resignation Letter: Resignation Letter Template

You are ready to start a new job and advance your career. However, part of preparing for a new job is to write a formal resignation letter for your current employer. You want to leave on good terms, so a letter of resignation is the best course even if it is not specially required by your manager. We will provide you with a resignation letter template to give you some guidance.

Should you need further assistance on how to best resign from your current position, consult your Toronto employment agency.

Resignation Letter Template and Tips

If you are not sure how to write a resignation letter, all you need to do is to follow our tips. The most important advice we can give you is to remain professional at all times. You will never know when you will need a reference letter from your current boss. Or, you may cross paths with them again in your professional life, so it is important to end things on a good note.

What to Include in Your Resignation Letter

Here are some features of a standard resignation letter template:

  • The date it was written
  • Addressed to the proper person/department
  • A short opening paragraph stating your intention to resign
  • Your final date of employment
  • Your formal signature
  • Contact information

Be Sure to Provide an Offer of Support

You should state in your letter of resignation in Canada that you are more than willing to help train your replacement. Let your employer know that you will not abandon any current tasks or projects and will let your fellow employees and key contacts and clients know when you will be departing.

Show Your Appreciation

Regardless if you have been completely satisfied with your current position, you should let your employer know that you appreciate the time and money that they have invested in you as an employee. This will leave them with a good impression, which is beneficial should you need to use them as a reference in the future.

Things to Avoid in Your Resignation Letter

  • Do not complain or vent about the company, your co-workers, or the position.
  • Do not tell them why you are leaving or give them details about your new position.
  • Do not send the letter until correcting all spelling errors or grammar issues.
  • Do not make your letter longer than one page.

Resignation Letter Template



Manager’s Name/Dept

Company Name

Company Address


Dear (Formal Name of the Manager),

Please accept this as my formal notice of resignation from (name of company and position). My final day will be (date).


Before I depart, I will make sure that any outstanding projects are completed in full. In addition, I am willing to train my replacement to make the transition as smooth as possible.


I would like to take this time to thank you for your faith in me within my time at (company name) for the past (years of employment). I have grown as a person and enjoyed working with the team. I will miss everyone when I leave. Even though I am excited about my new path in life, I will look back on my time with (company name) with fond memories. Please contact me if you need any further details.


Kind regards,

Full signature

Printed Full Name

Contact Details


Remember to keep the tone of your letter positive and professional, and you should have no problems with your official letter of resignation.  If you have any further questions about how to make a resignation letter template, please contact the staff at Team Global / MSM. We will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

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