How to Effectively Screen Candidates for Temp Workers Position

Employing poor temp workers can turn out to be disastrous for your business or company.  The inability of the worker to perform may be because of legal, safety, or health complications. Regardless of the case, this problem can hinder the business from reaching the set objectives. The majority of staffing agencies across Canada will attest to the fact that this problem can be avoided by carefully screening the applicants for this position prior to hiring. Provided that the hiring agency, you are using in the business is good, this should be rather easy to identify such issues and make the best hiring decision. Mentioned here are some of the various steps you should use while screening temp workers.

Background Check

While screening temp workers, it is highly advisable to carry out an extensive background check on all the applicants. You may do this on your own or hire an agency to carry out the check for you. The information from this check can be vital in the selection process, for instance, you can avoid hiring a criminal who could have just stolen from the business.

Evaluating the Skill Level

Just like with any other job position, you must be looking for a candidate with a particular set of skills. For instance, you could be looking for someone with a good typing speed. While this may be indicated in the resume, you should ensure that you put the skills to test. The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate his or her skills practically.

Legal Qualifications

To avoid audits by the Ministry of Immigration or Labor, it is highly advisable that you only hire candidates who are legally allowed to work in the country. As such, this is an important aspect that you should cross-check while hiring a temp worker. To ensure that the candidate meets this qualification, you may have to check his or her social insurance number. This part of the screening process is very important because it can turn out to be very costly for the business, in terms of fines, if you happen to hire someone who is not allowed to work in the country.

Check the Education and Work History

It is possible for the applicants to lie about their job history and academic qualification in their resume. This is why you will need to dig into their past to ascertain whether what they are saying is actually true. If the applicant lied about his or her qualifications for the job or job history, it means that he or she is a cheat, hence not fit for the position. Additionally, it meant that the candidate is not qualified for the position. Such a worker will not deliver up to the expectation if given the position.

Finally, you will need to ensure that the candidate you select for the temp position is fit for the company culture. In this regard, the chosen candidate should be able to work with other workers in the company and adapt to the work environment without any problems.  According to the best staffing agencies in the country, these are some of the main considerations you have to take into account while screening candidates for a temp worker position.

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