How to Open a Job Agency Advice from the Experts

How To Start a Job Agency: Advice From The Experts

Are you thinking about starting a temp agency? Do you enjoy helping others? Does the idea of matching potential employees with successful businesses sound appealing to you? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, the next step you need to take is to learn how to open a job agency. 

If you are seriously considering starting your own job agency, read the following blog. We have outlined the steps needed to open a successful staffing service to get you started. 

How to Open a Job Agency

  • Have Experience

The best training you can get for how to start a job agency is to have experience working in a staffing service. Sure, you may even have used a job service to help find a job in the past, but this hardly qualifies you to open a similar business of your own. It is extremely beneficial to have some knowledge as to exactly how a temp agency operates. Find a job in an established staffing firm and work your way up to the administration to gain some relevant experience.

It is also a good idea to take some business courses as well as be up to date on the latest computer programs. This will allow you to keep pace with the latest business and marketing trends and technological advantages, as well as to keep up with your competitors.

  • Determine Your Niche

Do you wish to work with medical staffing? What about recruiting for the armed forces? Or, would you prefer to work in the technology field?

As there are quite a few job agencies in the market already, it would help to focus on one or two specific job niches, such as the medical or IT field. The competition will be heavy, so if you provide a unique and specialized service, you will draw more clients.

  • Research Requirements, Regulations, and Certifications

It is definitely a wise idea to familiarize yourself with the current rules and regulations for staffing agencies in your area. There are requirements as to how much information you can legally disclose to both the company and the potential recruit. As such, you will also need to be informed of the latest laws regarding discrimination, pay rate, and the like. Not to mention such issues as taxes, workers’ compensation, and health benefits.

Of course, you will need to acquire the proper licensing and certifications required by your municipality. You do not want to end up with any fines or lawsuits as a result of not being up to date on all the aforementioned items.

  • Plan a Business Model

You cannot start a business without a business model. This would include such items as choosing a location, finding your target clientele, outlining your business plan, choosing your company logo and philosophy, hiring staff, determining pay rate, determining a budget, and so on.

  • Network

Once you have completed all the above, you need to market your business. Create an online presence, such as a website and supporting social media networks. Hand out flyers and business cards. Attend job fairs and trade shows in your chosen niche. Network with those businesses in your niche. Do everything it takes to promote your new temp agency to get your name out!

Have any more questions on how to open a job agency? Contact the staff at Team Global / MSM. With years of experience, we can offer you first-hand advice on how to successfully start your own staffing recruitment service.

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