How to Properly Respond to a Job Offer

How to Properly Respond to a Job Offer

You found your dream job, crafted the perfect resume and cover letter, and killed it in the interview. You’ve spoken over the phone and via email with the hiring manager and are ready to start this new chapter in your life.

Before you can officially onboard with your dream company, you need to officially accept the offer through a well-crafted, professional offer acceptance email or a letter. 

This article will explain how to properly evaluate a job offer that you can find through a well-established job agency and craft a formal acceptance.

How to Accept a Job Offer?

Are you thinking about how to accept a job offer? Once you have negotiated with representatives of your new company, you need to review the job offer to make sure everyone is on the same page. Before you write that acceptance letter, review the offer’s details.

Review every aspect of the offer. Double-check that your expectations are met and that all compensation, benefits, and other aspects of the job are what you agreed to during the interview process. If you find any discrepancies, contact the hiring manager.

Once all details of the job are correct, you can craft that acceptance letter or email. It needs to be professional, concise, clear, and error-free.

Job Offer Acceptance Letter

If you received the official job offer in letter form or are applying to a company in a more traditional industry, you will want to prepare a type-written letter of acceptance.

Here are the steps to formatting a stellar acceptance letter:

  • Thank the employer. Mention the position and the company’s name. “Thank you for offering me X position at Y company.”
  • Officially accept the offer and include a positive statement. “I officially accept X position and look forward to being part of Y company.”
  • Clarify all details of the position. Restate any changes in terms, especially if you negotiated over the phone. “As we agreed, the salary for X is $Z, and the benefits are (state all agreed benefits, such as vacation, work from home, etc).
  • State your start date. Confirm your start date with the day, month, and year. Be clear if you must work out a current contract.
  • Conclude on a positive note. Thank the hiring manager and anyone else who had a hand in the hiring practice. Repeat you are excited to begin your new role.

Crafting an Acceptance Email

If you have been working with the hiring manager via email, you can safely provide your official acceptance the same way.

Once you have completed your research and thoroughly inspected the job offer, make your best first impression by crafting a polite, professional, and competent email acceptance.

Here are several steps to write a top-notch acceptance email

  • Subject line. Keep it simple so it won’t get lost in an inbox. (Your name job acceptance)
  • Date. Confirm your start date using day, month, and year. Clarity is important here.
  • Contact Information. Provide your email address and phone number to give the hiring manager options for contacting you.
  • Salutation. Be professional and avoid using inappropriate language. “Hello (Name), I hope you are doing well,” or “Dear (Name), thank you for the job offer.”
  • Thank you. Extend a professional and concise thank you to the hiring manager and anyone else involved in the hiring process.
  • Terms of the Contract. Concisely review the terms of your contract and tell your employer you are ready to sign.
  • Proofread. Before you hit send that email, double and triple-check for grammar, spelling, and clarity. Walk away for a few minutes and read it one last time with a fresh set of eyes.
  • Sign. Once you’ve thoroughly checked your email for clarity, conciseness, and any possible errors, complete the message with your digital signature. Hit SEND.

Team Global can help you put those important finishing touches on your acceptance letter to get your career off to the right start. Our dedicated team will help you land your dream job.

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