How To Respond To The Question “Why Should We Hire You” During a Job Interview

How To Respond To The Question “Why Should We Hire You” During a Job Interview

Most people tend to freeze up when asked, “Why should we hire you?” during a job interview. Their minds suddenly go blank, and they cannot think of how to best answer this rather unnerving question. This question need not be daunting. If you take some time to prepare yourself for this question prior to the interview, you won’t be thrown off at the time it is asked.

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Why Is It Necessary For Employers To Ask Why Should We Hire You During The Interview Process?

If you have ever been on a job interview, it is very likely that you have been asked, “Why should we hire you?”  Obviously, you were deemed a potential candidate as you are being interviewed. However, dozens of other candidates are probably vying for the same job. Thus, your answer to this question makes you stand out from the competition.

Below are the primary reasons why an employer asks why they should hire you:

  • Potential employers wish to see that you are passionate about the job

The hiring manager has most likely interviewed many other candidates for the position. They want to know if they should hire you instead of one of the others who are just as qualified as you. To rise above the competition, display genuine passion and excitement for the job. Do not overdo this, however, as they will be able to tell you are being overzealous. Potential employers are looking for employers who are both experienced and excited about their position in the company. 

  • The hiring manager is trying to gain insight into your relevant job experience

The person conducting the interview is looking for a brief history and overview of your previous job experience. Be sure to mention any outstanding achievements and accomplishments and your general qualifications. Relate these jobs to the job in question to show the hiring manager why you are the best candidate for the job.

  • The interviewer wants to find out if your skills and qualifications are relevant to the position for which you are being interviewed

The interviewer asks why we should hire you to see if you possess the qualifications and skills needed for the position. Take care to focus on those skills and qualifications that give you a leg up on the dozens of others competing for the job in question.

Advice On How To Answer Why We Should Hire You

Following is some expert advice on the best way to answer the questions: why are you the right candidate for the job?

  • Talk about those skills, qualifications, awards, and achievements that make you stand out

It is important that you do not spend a lot of time answering “why should we hire you?” While the hiring manager is sincerely interested in your answer, you do not want to take up too much time. Be concise and direct with your reply.

Focus on the skills, achievements, and qualifications pertaining to the job. Also, briefly summarize your career goals and state what sets you apart from other candidates. 

  • Do not lie or embellish 

Most people are tempted to stretch the truth during the job interview. We want the hiring manager to be blown away, so we tend to embellish some of our past achievements. However, this is not recommended in any way. Take care to answer the Interviewer honestly every time a question is asked, You never know when or if they will check your information. Keep in mind that the truth always comes out in the end. Therefore, always be honest and upfront throughout the interview process.

  • Show that you are knowledgeable of the company as well as the job in question

The best way to stand above the other candidates for the job is to impress the hiring manager by demonstrating knowledge about both the company and the position. This shows them that you are genuinely interested in both the job and the company.

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