How to Write an Offer of Employment: Employment Letter Sample

How to Write an Offer of Employment: Employment Letter Sample

When the interview process is completed, and you have finally selected a candidate for the job, it’s time to compose an official offer of employment. Some employers struggle when it comes to actually write this letter.

In this article, we shall provide tips on how to write an offer of employment, including an employment letter sample. Use this as a guide when composing your next offer of employment.

The best place to find the right person for the job is your local general labour employment agency. They can utilize their database to find the best person for the job in question. 

Tips for Composing Offer of Employment

The best way to write an offer of employment is to search for a letter of employment template online. You can use this as a guide and tweak it to fit your specific situation.

Later in this article, we will provide an employment letter sample to give you a general idea, but for now, here are some tips on how to compose a letter for an offer of employment to get you started. 

Why Is An Offer Of Employment Even Needed?

A letter of offer of employment is simply a letter formally offering a position to the candidate you chose to fill the position. It should discuss things such as general company policies, benefits, and salary. Make sure to tailor the letter to the specific job that is being offered as well as the person to whom the job is being offered.

What Should Be Included In An Offer Of Employment?

Be sure to be precise, detailed, and to the point. Include any necessary documentation and paperwork in the letter. Make sure to proofread the letter before sending it. 

  • Name of a prospective employee
  • Official job title
  • Start date
  • List of responsibilities
  • Compensation Package
  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Insurance
  • Etc
  • Information on vacation, PTO, sick pay and any other paid time off
  • Non-disclosure statements
  • Exclusivity
  • Is the job part time or full time and hours
  • Work for hire and intellectual property ownership
  • Policies and procedures for dispute resolution
  • Termination protocol

Employment Letter Sample

Dear (insert full name of applicant)


(Name of company) is honored to offer you the position of (job title).


This is our official formal letter of offer of employment. We have included pertinent details outlining salary, compensation, and benefits as well as the terms and conditions of employment here at (name of company).


We are offering you a (part, full time, so on) position as (official job title) at (Company name).  You will report to your immediate (Supervisor, manager, etc.) effective (start date) in the (department name) at (company name and address). You will be required to work (days and hours of projected work schedule). 

Should you accept this offer, (company name) is offering you a starting salary or pay rate of (insert dollar amount? You shall be paid on a (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) schedule starting on (date of first pay). 


As a valued employee of (company name), you will be eligible to receive the following benefits (list benefits such as health plans, dental, retirement plans, etc.). As well, you will be able to participate in the following options as part of your compensation with (company name) including (profit sharing, stock options, etc.)


Please acknowledge your acceptance of this position and these terms by signing, dating, and returning this agreement by (date)


(Your name and Title)

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