Can You Trust Recruitment Agencies

When it comes to finding a suitable job, nothing could be better than hiring a job agency because, for beginners, the agency has numerous opportunities that can help candidates to get a permanent position in a reputable organization. To do so, it is necessary for the job seekers to come up with the right job agency that operates in the same field they want to get the job in. This way, they will be in a better position to assist the candidates.

While analyzing the expertise and experience of job agencies, candidates have to consider different aspects and ask the following questions in order to rest assured that their choice is right.

What are the rights as a temporary worker?

While working with the temporary job agencies, the rights of the candidates are protected by the Employment Standards Act that allows candidates to work for their as well as the organization’s benefits.

Do the ESA cover all the jobs?

There are some jobs, like information technology, farming, superintendents, and customer care, that is not equally covered by the ESA. Candidates are required to find out coverage according to the nature of their jobs.

Signing a contract

Once the job agencies suggest jobs and candidates are successful in getting it, experts suggest not to sign the contract right away. They should analyze the contract from all perspectives and find out if there is something illegal that should be omitted from the contract.


Every company has a probation i.e. trial period during which, it analyzes the performance of the temporary workforce and makes future decisions according to the outcomes. The time period of probation varies from one company to the other but normally, it doesn’t go beyond 3 months and after that, the employer will make the final decision of whether to hire the candidate or terminate him/her.

Fee for employment

There are some job agencies that charge candidates against their job search and require them to pay a certain amount of money. The Workers’ Action Centre suggests job seekers not hire such agencies because they are not as trustworthy as other agencies are.

What would be the minimum wage?

The contract should mention the minimum wage that the employer is paying. This way, candidates are rest assured that they will be able to lead their lives in a good way. For this, they have to check the current minimum wage conditions so that they can better know what they are paying and whether it is appropriate according to the prevailing terms or not.

Does the company pay for public holidays? If yes, how much it gives?

Being temporary workers, candidates are able to enjoy the same benefits that permanent employees get. Sometimes, the job agencies tell candidates that they will get paid for public holidays after their probation period- employers should know that this is illegal and they do not have to agree to this condition.

Last but not the least, candidates should avoid getting into any trouble by visiting our website as their representatives can work in a better way to find them a good job.

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