Interview Questions and Answers for Those With Interview Anxiety

Interview Questions and Answers for Those With Interview Anxiety

Even though they might not admit it, everyone feels a bit anxious before and also during a job interview. One of the best ways to help ease your tension, as well as be prepared, is to practice the most commonly asked interview answers and questions.

In this article, we will give examples of the most commonly asked interview questions and how to best answer them. For more assistance, such as help with resume writing and job searching, sign up with a reputable local job agency

Examples of Typical Interview Questions and Answers

Following are examples of common interview questions and answers for job interviews, as well as tips on the best way to answer these questions. At all times, you should remain polite, professional, and upbeat. At no point during the interview do you want to say anything negative or derogatory about your previous employers? 

  • Please Tell Me a Bit About Yourself

This is the question that everyone dreads most. However, it is merely an icebreaker that simply gives the interviewer some insight as to who you are and what you can bring to the organization and job in question. The best way to answer “tell me about yourself” is to focus on the highlights of your career, skills, education, and experience. Keep your answer short, professional, and positive.

  • Why Are You Looking to Leave Your Current Place of Employment?

Again, you never want to say anything demeaning or negative about your current job. Remain confident as you tell them that you are looking to move ahead in your current job or make a career change. Instead of discussing the past, discuss the future and what you wish to accomplish in the job.

  • Please Tell Me Your Greatest Strengths and Accomplishments

This is your time to shine. Most people have no problem answering this question. However, others find these interview questions and answers somewhat intimidating. You should highlight those strengths, accomplishments, and attributes that you can bring along with you to the job. 

  • What Are Some of Your Weaknesses?

This is another one of those interview questions and answers that seems to unnerve many people. Believe it or not, this question shows that you are self-aware of your shortcomings as well as your positive attributes. Be honest, but not too honest, and keep a positive spin. For example, you can stress how you overcame (or are working to overcome) these weaknesses.

  • Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

The answer to these questions shows that you want to grow and develop in your chosen career. You should state those skills you wish to enhance and develop and what career path you envision in the near future. 

  • What Made You Apply For This Position?

Before the interview, take the time to fully read the job description as well as some background about the company. This will help you tailor your unique strengths to the organization as well as the job in question.

  • Why Should We Hire You?

This question can either be presented at the beginning or the end of the job interview. You should answer these questions by highlighting the unique skills, training, education, and experience that you will bring to the job. As well you should discuss why you feel you 

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