How Job Agencies Operate in Toronto

How Job Agencies Operate in Toronto?

It is a reality that job agencies in Toronto are the best solutions to all types of employment problems whether you are an employer or an employee. But are you familiar with the principles job agencies operate on? Do you know that these agencies can reduce the hassle of finding a perfect match for your requirements? If not, then here is a brief insight of who they are and how they work.

Companies used these Toronto job agencies to find suitable candidates for their job positions. The process seems to be simple new but actually, it is too time-consuming and requires expert skills. It is so because job agencies need to shortlist applicants on the basis of their education, experience, skills, and other factors that are required for a certain position. When companies have any vacant space, they immediately call staffing agencies and explain their requirements with job descriptions and additional skills a successful candidate should possess.

How to Get More Possible Workforce

Job placement agencies in Toronto have their own comprehensive internal database of all the members with their resumes, who are to be considered for future job opportunities. In their process to recommend appropriate candidates, they start by screening applicants from the existing pool or even opt to post advertisements on other platforms to get more possible workforce.

The primary objective of a job agency in Toronto is to come up with an applicant who best suits a certain job overview. For this, the agency first shortlists candidates, then conducts an interview, and finally, asks about the kind of job they are actually searching for. The interview will be based on 2 or more phases where the first session will be conducted on the phone that is followed by one-on-one meetings. Normally, interviews also involve assessment of certain skills like knowledge of computer programming, mechanical aptitude, administrative skills, etc (as the job needs).

After analyzing possible candidates, a Toronto job agency will send them directly to their clients where they need to go through an employment assessment. And when the company selects any of their recommended applicants, there will be 2 options to employ them. First is based on temp-to-hire where candidates will be monitored for a certain time period or directly hired by the employer.

Difference Between Direct Hiring and Temp-to-Hire

Direct Hire

When an employer directly hires a candidate then the employee will not be on the payroll of his/her staffing agency.  In such a case, companies will be charged with an amount equal to the position and first-year compensation of the candidate. The company will have to pay that amount after a certain time period that will be decided by both parties.


If an employer has been hired on a temporary basis, then he/she will become a worker of the job placement agencies in Toronto. Here, the agency will have to pay its worker according to the work done and in return, they will be receiving pay from the company. The process will remain to continue until the work is completed or the company finally considers hiring workers on a permanent basis.

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