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Salary: $20-$22 per Hour – Full Time Position
Schedule: Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm and 11:00am-7:00pm

We are offer a job – We are looking for individuals with a background in chemistry to ensure that our products and services meet all necessary requirements before they reach the consumer. The Technician, will inspect the final product to make sure it has met all compliance to legal standards and meets customer expectations. They must fully understand the requirements for the product or service and have a sense of responsibility towards our potential and existing customers as well as the competition.


  • Perform analytical testing of samples to ensure expected quality
  • Understand customer needs and requirements to develop effective quality control processes;
  • Devise and review specifications for products or processes;
  • Set requirements for raw material or intermediate products for suppliers and monitor their compliance;
  • Ensure adherence to health and safety guidelines as well as legal obligations;
  • Supervise inspectors, technicians and other staff and provide guidance and feedback;
  • Oversee all product development procedures to identify deviations from quality standards;
  • Inspect final output and compare properties to requirements;
  • Approve the right products or reject defectives;
  • Keep accurate documentation and perform statistical analysis;
  • Submit detailed reports to appropriate executives;


  • A keen eye for detail and a results driven approach;
  • Outstanding communication skills;
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills;
  • Proficient in MS Office;
  • In depth understanding of quality control procedures and relevant legal standards;
  • Excellent math abilities and working knowledge of data analysis/statistical methods;
  • Certification of quality control is a strong advantage;
  • Must be able to lift 40-50 lbs;
  • Able to read measuring tape, calipers, water quality tester and various glass testing instruments
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