Learning How Long of a Notice Period You Should Give Your Job

Learning How Long of a Notice Period You Should Give Your Job

When in the market for a new job, it is customary to give a decent notice period so that your employer has plenty of time to fill your position. A lot of people are not sure how much notice they should give. If you are an employer, there are at least four unique factors that need to be considered when going through this time with an employee.

Getting Help with Career Advice

A temp agency Toronto can help you find new positions as well as help with career advice and many other things. Quitting a job is a big deal. It is not something that you should take lightly. When an employee quits, it is important that the matter is handled in a professional manner.

Standard Time Periods for a Notice Period

The standard time for most notice periods for many jobs is two weeks. Canadian law states that an employee must give one week’s notice if the said employee has been employed for a period of three months to up to two years. If an employee has been employed for two years or more, it is customary and a legal obligation to give at least two weeks’ notice before you quit.

Prepare for a Smooth and Successful Exit

If you are quitting your job, be sure that you offer to train your replacement. This is a great way to show consideration for your company. If you are a manager, do not be afraid to ask your employee that is leaving to help train their replacement. This is a common practice among most companies.

When Employees Simply Quit

When employees get caught up in their emotions and quit their job suddenly without notice, it is best to give the employees time to cool down. Once they have thought about their actions, you can discuss the matter further. It is advisable to give your employee a chance to reconsider their hasty decision. If the employee chooses to quit without notice, you should be sure to check out your legal options to see if there is any action you should take. Also, you will want to fill the position that is open quickly. It is suggested you hire within the company.

You Are Not Losing an Employee. You Are Gaining an Opportunity

Giving proper work notice is important for many different reasons. Providing employers with proper work notice gives them time to prepare for your exit. If you are an employer, a notice allows you to prepare your company for losing an employee. The proper notice period is important to both employees and employers.

All in all, when quitting a job, it is very important to give your notice. There may be legal repercussions to face if you fall under the requirements of Canadian law. You should be sure to check local laws regarding this topic to ensure that you are following the procedure. If you are looking for work, you should not delay getting in touch with Team Global/MSM. They can put you on a path in the right direction.

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