Letter of Employment: What Is It, And Why Is It Necessary?

Letter of Employment: What Is It, And Why Is It Necessary?

At one time or another in your life, you may be required to write or submit a  letter of employment. This may be requested by financial institutions or landlords for those who are looking to purchase or rent a home. As well, this type of letter may be required by your insurance company as it may be needed to confirm that you are employed by that company in order to receive your insurance benefits or payments.

You can contact your local employment agency for assistance in writing these letters as well as help with finding a job. Temp agencies in Toronto are excellent at helping people find the best type of employment for their skillet.

What is a Letter of Employment?

A confirmation of employment letter is just that, a letter confirming your employment at a specific company during a specific period of time. It could be written by a past employer for reasons such as insurance or legal purposes. Or you could need such a letter from your current employer if you are perhaps applying to rent a new home or even to apply for a government job. Other reasons for this type of letter include mortgage companies or collection agencies. 

The letter of employment may include details such as confirmation of the dates you were employed by a particular company as well as your salary. It could also contain information such as your length of time expected to be with your current company. Another detail that may be included is whether you were eligible to be rehired by a certain company. If you have been terminated from the position, the person requesting the letter may very well inquire as to why you were terminated from the company. 

The request may include verification of dates of employment, salary, whether the employee is expected to continue as an employer or is eligible to be rehired. If the employee has been terminated, the requestor may ask for the reason for termination.

How Do I Request a Letter of Employment?

Keep in mind that some corporations or small businesses may have a strict policy in regard to the release of any company information. In such cases, you may be required to give your official consent for this information to be released to a neutral third party. Most of the time in this situation, the Human Resources department of the company will write the letter on your behalf. In some cases, they may provide you with a letter of employment template for you to give to your manager or supervisor. 

You should ask for a letter of employment for verification in a professional and courteous manner. The best place to start is the Human Resources department or your immediate supervisor.

Always ask the person writing the employment verification letter to include any pertinent information. Each requestor may ask for different information in accordance with the reason as to why they are requiring a letter of employment. 

You should always use the proper business format for an employment verification letter. Only include information that is relevant to the request and does not disclose any personal information.

Be sure to provide them with all the information they need to write the letter, including.

Those in need of further information about a letter of employment can give us a call at Team Global / MSM. We would be happy to assist you with this as well as updating your exciting resume, composing a cover letter and networking to find the right job. Call us today to set up a time to sign up for our services. 

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