Looking for a New Position? Review These Tips First

Are you looking for a new position? Maybe you’re tired of the dead-end job you have, or perhaps you don’t have a current employer. Maybe you are in need of a better financial situation. Whatever your reasons for looking for a new job, these tips can assist you in your job search.

Some people may tell you to apply for everything; however, narrowing your job search to just those positions that you would enjoy doing guarantees, you will find a job that you will love.

Before the Interview

Don’t negate the benefits of networking, especially networking within your chosen niche. This is a great way to get your name on the lips of those who are responsible for hiring.

When filling out applications, it is better to provide your prospective employer with your cellphone number rather than your home phone number. Providing both is fine; however, your cellphone no doubt is with you all the time, meaning you won’t miss that important call when it comes.

When crafting your resume and cover letter, be sure to design each one specifically for the company and respective position for which you are applying. Be specific with what you are seeking, as a bad fit is not only bad for you but also for the company to which you are applying.

During your job search period, you may feel that you are qualified for a specific position and therefore may not want to accept anything lower on the proverbial totem pole; however, it would be a bad practice to shun prospective offers on the basis that they are beneath you. Remember:

Swallow your pride.
Having a job is better than having no job.
Have flexibility.

In the Interview

Never bring your cellphone into an interview. The absolute worst thing that can happen is for your phone to ring while you are being interviewed, but it is also not a good idea because the majority of people have the tendency to check their phone for notifications almost as if it is second nature these days. You don’t want to be caught checking your texts in the middle of a question.

After the Interview

Remember to: Send handwritten thank you cards to the hiring managers who took the time to meet with you. Make follow-up phone calls thanking them for their time. You can also ask about the status of your application/resume; however, do not do this too often as you do not want to seem too overeager.

You’re Hired!

Great! You got the job! Now what? Have perfect attendance. Employers don’t want to pay for benefits for employees who don’t bother to call when running late or sick, so never Call/No Show
Keep your personal life separate from your work life

Or, No, You Didn’t Get it This Time…

Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get the new position you wanted or the one you really thought you had in the bag. There are bound to be some positions that you just won’t get for whatever reason. It is crucial to not let disappointments get the best of you and to continue with your search until you do find the job meant for you. In the end, you will see what hard work and dedication will get you: Hired!

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