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If research results of the Department of Labour are to be believed, then candidates take more than an average of 10 weeks to find a new job. This is not only posing a tough challenge for job seekers, but the situation is getting harder for employers as well. As a result job seekers or companies, these days prefer to outsource their employment search and screening process to recruitment agencies. But then again, knowing the ways of choosing the job agency is important.

 Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, if you consider hiring a recruitment agency to offer you a helping hand in the employment process then you should better consider checking out the reputation, practices, policies and most importantly the prices of the agency. This article offers a few pointers that can help job seekers or employers to find the right job agency Toronto for you.

Experience in Recruiting for Your Industry or Professional Area

This is one of the key points that should be taken into consideration. As an employer or a job seeker, you would certainly want to work with a job agency that has the necessary level of expertise, knowledge and experience to match the right skill-set with the right job opening. Check whether the agency has experience of at least years in providing recruitment services in your niche of business or professional area, ask questions about the same, and review the agency’s profiles in different social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Number of Placements Made Along With Their Respective Roles and Designations in the Last Six Months

When talking to recruitment agencies always make it a point to find out the precise number of placements made by the agency in the recent past, say over the last six months, along with their nature of roles. A professionally skilled job agency would be able to provide you with details of placements that they have made that are similar to the nature of roles as yours. This will also help you understand whether or not your agency has a good pipeline of job opportunities in your niche of business.

Process of Marketing the Right Employees for the Job

Get to know whether your job agency proactively markets a potential candidate to a range of employers or do they simply contact job seekers when they have an opportunity that matches a candidate’s skills and experience. Highly proactive and confident agencies bet on bringing a good volume of opportunities as compared to the ones who have a thin ground of business. Also as a job seeker, consider asking the recruiter agency how can they make your candidature stand out from the crowd? In what ways can they help a candidate in getting shortlisted over his/ her competitors? Does the agency have a lot of other candidates with similar skills in their books looking for a job, etc? If the job agency in Toronto can provide a satisfactory and explanation to your queries, then it’s good to go.

Time is Taken to Place Someone With Your Nature of Skills and Experience

Professional job agencies know the job market better than anyone else and as a result, they should be able to provide you with an individualized estimated time to hire, taking into consideration the many different challenges and shortcomings. If a recruiter is uncertain about the same, it means that they are not confident in your level of employability, which suggests that you should consider looking elsewhere.

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