How Recruitment Agency Mississauga Help During Recession

How Recruitment Agency Mississauga Help During Recession?

Among the many reasons why any company would use a recruitment agency is to get ready job seekers with the aim of filling a certain vacant position. This can be on a long-term or short-term basis but their services are always vital. Furthermore, using these agencies can help a company save a lot on costs as well as resources used in getting new employees on board. Unfortunately, there are companies that find recruitment of new employees when there is a recession as a costly affair. What they don’t know is that an agency can help cut such costs in a significant way.

For one, some of the best employees are available during the recession and the cost of hiring them is fairly low. They will have been released by their companies after feeling the heat of economic meltdown but it’s a blessing to others. That is what recruitment agency Mississauga takes advantage of and only clever employers can benefit. For that reason, you will be well advised to engage an agency during a recession more than at any other time. It is the right time to hire quality employees in a favorable environment for your company. Also named as a temp agency, a recruitment agency has become an important part of employment procedure because they overcome the gap between job seekers and contractors to meet one another.

Benefits For Businesses

The way of working of a recruitment agency Mississauga is different from one another but the fundamentals are the same i.e. they are liable to manage recruitment and termination tasks along with employment taxes like social security, Medicare, and payroll. Normally, contractors only need to specify the type of workers they want, the time period of recruitment, and hourly rates so that these agencies can work to give them the required results.

Benefits For Employees

For candidates, job placement agencies search for the most suitable position according to their skills, knowledge, and expertise. Most of the time, agencies have temporary job positions for applicants because companies have seasonal requirements for staff. Being a potential applicant, you need to register on the website of any recruitment agency (such as MSM GROUP) create your employee profile, and wait until the agency will come back to you with an appropriate job advertisement.


The source of income for recruiting agencies is the commission which they charge to every employer who finds a suitable candidate for a certain position. Usually, their commission is according to the number of successfully employed candidates while for skilled positions, they will get something more than an employee. Other kinds of placement agencies like recruiters or consultants, who are looking for permanent employees, can take consultation from the experts of MSM GROUP. Executive agencies are referred to as exclusive businesses that search for talent instead of considering applications and take fees from employers against their services.


Contractors generally wish to hire temporary employees because they do not get any fringe benefits like retirement plans and health insurance. These employees require less training as they already have all the required skills according to the job requirements. A staffing agency is always the best choice for most companies because they keep them safe from wrongful terminations. Not just that, employees will have more flexible schedules and can get off a long time period to think and make a decision.

Take Full Advantage of Recession

When there is a recession, employment opportunities are very minimal with the number of job seekers going high. If a company makes any advertisement for a job opportunity, many applications will be received even from those who are not well qualified.

It will be tiresome for a company’s staff to sort out through hundreds or even thousands of applications only to settle for around ten. That is one burden that an agency can offload from the shoulders of an employer who is smarting from the effects of the recession. Key procedures like interviewing of the candidates, screening them, an overall assessment will be done by an agency before forwarding competent ones to the employer for contemplation.

Some costs are usually factored in for advertising job openings but that can be done away with if a recruitment agency Mississauga comes on board. These agencies have local and international networks thus will have the opportunity of recruiting employees from far and wide. It is an effective way of scaling down on the overall costs that come with employing new workers. With the recession biting hard on all companies, make your staffing needs a top-secret from competitors by using the best staffing agencies in the market.

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