Establishing the Right Relationship With a Staffing Agency

Right Relationship With a Staffing Agency

As an employer, temporary staffing agencies can be of great value to your company. This is why you need to establish the right relationship with a Staffing Agency the first time you approach it, regarding your staffing needs. With the right temporary staffing agency, you can save both company resources and time when it comes to hiring new employees for your company. For a good relationship between your company and the agency, you should consider the agency as an extension of the human resources department in your company. How best you communicate your staffing needs to the agency will determine the kind of relationship you establish with the agency and the results you get as well. Mentioned here are some tips on how to establish the right relationship with a temporary staffing agencies Toronto.

Evaluate Your Staffing Needs

For the agency to supply the best-suited candidate for your position, they have clearly understood what exactly you are looking for. As such, you should first ascertain the staffing needs in your organization before approaching the staffing agency. Even if you are looking for an appropriate candidate for a day’s work, it is important that you understand the type of candidate you need.

In most cases, employers supply the agency with only the duties to be accomplished by the candidate they are looking for. While this is important, you need to go a mile further and mention the skills you are looking for. Additionally, you may also let the agency understand the personality you would like to fill the position if any.  For instance, you can indicate that you are looking for a candidate who can cope with a stressful environment. If you omit such details for fear of putting the business in a bad light, you may not get the right candidate. As a result, you will blame the agency for providing the wrong candidate while it is your mistake. For a healthy and lasting relationship with the agency, you need to provide them with all the details relating to the job. This should be the case even for temp-to-hire jobs.

Let the Staffing Agency Know Your Placement Goals

For you to get the right placement for the company through the staffing agency, you also have to let them know your goals for the position. For instance, you may be looking for a customer care representative to answer calls from your clients for a day or you are looking for someone to fill a certain position for a long time. Regardless of your plans for the position, it is important that you communicate the same to the agency. This way, the agency will provide employees with short time or long-term goals, depending on their needs.

After interviewing employees who have been referred to you by the staffing agencies Toronto, it is important that you tell the agency whether the candidate was a perfect fit or not and why. If the candidate was a perfect fit, the agency will get an understanding of what you were looking for and will refer to the same for future placements in your company. If the candidate was not a perfect fit, the agency will know why and send a candidate with the right attributes the next time. This feedback can make all the difference, with regards to establishing a healthy relationship with the agency and getting the right candidate for the job.

The relationship you establish with your preferred staffing agency, such as the MSM group, should be a mutually beneficial one. To establish such a Relationship with a Staffing Agency, you should take this advice into consideration the next time you approach an agency for a candidate.

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