Resume Examples And Tips For Job Seekers

Resume Examples And Tips For Job Seekers

When job hunting, always look for resume examples similar to those jobs you are seeking. As well, it is a good idea to write a separate resume tailored to each job for which you are applying.

The following article includes expert tips for resume writing. For more tips and examples, contact your local staffing agency.

Tips For Resume Writing

  • Look for specific resume examples

Looking for good resume examples before applying for a position is encouraged. There are dozens of sample resumes online for almost every possible job in today’s highly competitive job market.

Resume writing is stressful, so finding sample resumes online helps you focus on the task. It is not cheating to use resume examples. However, never copy an online resume word for word; this is considered plagiarizing. Simply use these examples as a guide for writing your own resume.

  • Tweak your resume to fit the specific job for which you are applying

Most people have at least one copy of their resume saved on their computer. However, while it is good to have this as a guide, it is best to tailor each resume to fit the job you are applying for. Recruiters don’t give a second glance at resumes that appear generic. Focus on those skills and qualifications that are relevant to that particular job.

  • Choose the correct format for your resume

Some jobs actually specify the format of the resume required for the job. For example, a job in the educational field requires a CV as opposed to a traditional resume. Other jobs ask for chronological resumes, while others ask for reverse chronological order. Search for resume templates and decide which is best suited for that position. 

  • Include specific keywords on your resume relevant to the job

Keywords are a critical part of composing a resume. You can easily find keywords in the job description. Include these on your resume to make it stand out from the hundreds of other resumes for the same job. If you need help finding keywords, google the job title to find keywords relevant to the job in question. 

  • Do not lie or embellish on your resume

Honesty is key when it comes to resume writing. Do not embellish or lie about your work, skills, or qualifications. Most recruiters take the time to check on your references, so lying on your resume will indeed keep you from getting hired. 

  • Make your resume summary or objective stand out

The resume summary is essential. This is basically the tagline that the recruiter uses to gauge if you are an ideal candidate for the posting. Use no more than three sentences to discuss your work experience, skills, and career goals. 

  • Include skills, hobbies, and interests

After highlighting your work and education, include sections that incorporate those skills, hobbies, and interests that are pertinent to the job. Include any volunteer work, certifications, awards, and other achievements. 

  • Proofread before sending

Take the time to proofread your resume before submitting it. Utilize a variety of tools to check for spelling or grammar errors. If possible, ask someone to double-check your resume before submitting it. Even the most minor typo or other such error prevents you from getting an interview. 

  • Save a copy of every resume you submit

Always save a copy of each resume you submit. Some positions require you to bring a paper copy of your resume to the interview. Your resume can also be tweaked for a similar position or to apply for another position within the same company.

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