Should You Send a Thank You Email After Interview for a Job?

Should You Send a Thank You Email After Interview for a Job?

You just left a very successful job interview and you feel fairly confident that you nailed it! Should you follow up with a thank you email for an interview? How long should you wait before you send it? Is it even necessary or is it proper protocol?
Continue reading to find out the proper etiquette for sending out a thank you email. It could help give you a leg up on the competition. Another great way to find the perfect job is to register with a local job agency.

Why You Should Send a Thank You Email After Interview

It is a good idea to email your potential employer a thank you for the interview, as it reinforces that you indeed want the position. Email is a better option than regular mail, as most companies correspond over the internet as opposed to snail mail. Besides, if the employer is in a rush to fill the position, time is of the essence. If you so desire, you could follow up on your initial email with a handwritten letter and drop it in the mail within 24 hours after the interview.

Sending a thank you email after the interview is very much considered proper protocol in today’s highly competitive job market. Some employees will not even consider hiring a candidate if they have not followed up with a thank-you email. The following are some tips on composing your thank you email.

Tips for Sending Thank You Email After Interview

  1. Send your email as soon as possible after the interview, within a 24 hour period.
  2. If you were interviewed by multiple people, do not forget to ask each one for the business card. In this way, you can send each one of them a thank you email, making sure that your messages vary slightly just in case the recipients happen to discuss your email if they are making a group decision in the hiring process.
  3. A thank you email will help reaffirm any positive impressions that you left during the initial interview. It will reinforce your communication skills and show that you have good manners.
  4. It is considered proper etiquette to send an initial thank you email within 24 hours after the interview, followed by a follow-up email about a week later. Anything beyond this is considered too aggressive and pushy and will not leave a good impression. 
  5. Keep your message short and to the point. Also, have someone proofread your email to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors, as this could end up costing you the position.

What to Include in a Thank You Email

  1. The name of the person(s) with whom you were interviewed.
  2. A brief sentence thanking them for their time and for meeting with you.
  3. Briefly summarize why you feel you are the best fit for the position as well as why you want the job.
  4. Supply a relevant example of your work or embellish on something you discussed during the interview that is pertinent to the job.
  5. Close the email by reiterating your gratitude and asking about the next step.


Dear (name),

 Thank you so much for meeting with me today to interview for the (job/position). I am very interested in the position.

I feel that my (# of years of experience) as a (former position) would be a valuable asset to the team as well as (company name).

I have enclosed some links to my previous work as we discussed during the interview. I am sure that they will highlight my skills in the (job) field.

Thank you again for your time. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the next step in the hiring process. In addition, I would welcome any questions you may have regarding how my work experience can make a positive impact on your company.

Best regards,

(Your name)

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