Skills to Put on Resume for General Labour Job

Skills to Put on Resume for General Labour Job

Are you looking for a job in general labour? Fine-tuning the skills section on your resume might seem a bit daunting. Knowing what skills to put on resume can help you land the right job.

In this article, we will show you how to perfect the skills section for a general labour job. This information shows you how to tailor your resume for employment in general labour. 

What is General Labour?

Someone who works in general labour specializes in those jobs that require hands-on and physical labour. Landscaping and construction are examples of jobs that are considered general labour positions. 

In most cases, general labourers work directly on areas designated as construction sites. The jobs can encompass tasks such as acquiring and transporting products and materials to building to plumbing to cleaning the construction site. 

What General Labour Skills to Put on Resume?

Following are the main skills to put on resume for those in pursuit of a job in general labour.

Ability to Operate Heavy Machinery 

To work in general labour, experience in operating heavy machinery is a major requirement. Include any experience with operating heavy machinery or other equipment in the skills section on your resume. Additionally, indicate your willingness to learn new skills as well. Keep in mind that machines vary in design and often require a different skill set or additional training. 

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is of extreme importance in general labour positions. Workers often work with detailed requests that require perfection in execution. Additionally, most jobs require the ability and skill to operate heavy machinery. One must remain alert and focused at all times to prevent injuries or accidents. 

Communication/Interpersonal Skills

As a general labourer, you will most likely work closely with many people on a daily basis. This requires the ability to effectively communicate and form interpersonal working relationships with others on the job site. As well, conflict management is one of the best skills to put on resume.

Knowledge of Construction Industry

The majority of general labour positions are in the construction industry. Therefore, these jobs require in-depth knowledge of the industry. Previous experience on multiple construction sites will help you find a job in the field. 


As a general labourer a great deal of time is spent on physical labour. Therefore, endurance and physical stamina are imperative to those working in this field. Jobs in general labour require long hours in order to meet deadlines. 

Task Prioritization

Those working as general labourers are often given more than one task to complete at a time. Therefore, the ability to prioritize tasks works in your favor. As well, the ability to multitask will set you ahead of the competition.

Tips for General Labour Skills to Put on Resume

Be Honest

Do not lie or exaggerate your skills. This goes for any job, but is of extreme importance in general labour positions. Never tell your employer that you can operate equipment if you have no previous experience. This could lead to disastrous and even fatal circumstances. 

Match Your Skills with Your Level of Expertise

Clarify your proficiency with each skill set accordingly. List whether your skills are apprentice, beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert. This is a tremendous help to the hiring manager for general labourer jobs. 

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