Team Global CEO Interviewed by Hispanic Post to Establish Presence in Latin Community

Team Global CEO Interviewed by Hispanic Post to Establish Presence in Latin Community

– Can you tell us about the history of Team Global and its mission?

Team Global was founded in 2009, before it was a different company that did the same thing, it was an employment agency, but in general words, we have been in this business since 2003, that is, more than 20 years. Basically what we try to do is help people who are looking for a job and we prepare them so that they are ready to present themselves to employers, well this is our mission, but the most important thing besides making money of course, since we do not We are a charitable organization, and like any company we need to pay salaries, since our workers make the best possible effort and give their best, in short the most important thing in our mission is to Help people.

– What core values ​​guide Team Global in its daily operations?

The most important issue that I repeat to each of my employees who work with me is that they have patience and understanding, since there are different types of people who come to this country, sometimes they have great concerns, some even feel lost and do not They know what to do, and we have to reflect when we start talking to them, so the first thing we have to do is make them feel comfortable, make them understand that we are going to help them, this is the most important thing. Remember that these people come from different countries with different societies and traditions, that is why being patient with them is very important, because when they understand that you are going to help them and they feel that they are in the right place, that no one will take advantage of them. them and that they are here for us to help them.

– What is Team Global’s business model?

Basically, there are two parts: The first is Team Global, which provides workers to different companies, most of them are manufacturing and also service companies. Once they are placed as formal employees, they are paid their salaries, obviously with the respective deductions required by law. government. That is the way we send to our clients.

The second part is that we act as talent hunters, many times companies look for us to find the right people, present them to our clients as soon as possible, that is what we do and if this candidate is accepted then that is where we have right to a commission.

– For someone who is looking for work, what is the procedure?

There are a few steps to take, the first is simply to call us at any of our three offices, one is in North York, Mississauga, another in Scarborough, on that call we are going to ask you some questions, then we will invite you to stop by our offices to register in person.

Something that is mandatory is that the person be physically present, even for those who registered them on our website, since this is possible, but in general the rules are that we talk to them and see them in person, this is an mandatory requirement, This is the most delicate part of our business, we do not send anyone if we do not first interview them face to face.

– How does Team Global differentiate itself from the competition?

The most important issue, as I mentioned before, is our staff interacts with our potential employee candidates and employers daily. Technology now allows you, through an application, to interview or chat with a person, but we do it differently, we must see the candidates in person, because with respect to technology, but when you talk to people face to face, this is irreplaceable, this way we better determine where we can send the candidate? What type of job is the ideal one for him, and that makes him different in a few words.

– So far, what are the main challenges facing Team Global?

The main challenge, as I mentioned before, is finding the ideal candidate for the ideal position, this is the real challenge. In these 20 years that we have been in business, luckily, we have been doing it successfully, and we will continue trying in the future to continue being successful.

Although unfortunately what is happening currently, but which does not depend on us, is that the economy is in a slight slowdown, we do not want to call it a recession yet, but this makes it more difficult for our candidates to find a position almost immediately, just as It was a few years ago before covid, although we are recovering now, but this makes us ask our candidates for a little more patience, which sometimes is a matter of waiting a little longer.

– In terms of the industry, what is the current state of the industry in which Team Global operates?

As you will see, we work more with the manufacturing industry, and the biggest challenge for these companies we work with is the slowdown in the local economy, which in many cases is making their staff not want to leave their current jobs, they prefer continue there and this makes it difficult to replace them, I know it is difficult, and this puts more pressure on us to be a little more creative in trying to find the right vacancy for our potential candidates.

– What are the main trends that are transforming the industry?

The biggest trend is automation, there are more and more computers, there are more and more automatic lines that replace people. However, that does not worry me much because there are jobs and positions that are simply irreplaceable by an automation robot, it is in this way that We can assure that the people who come to us will always find a job, we will always find something for them.

– How is Team Global innovating to adapt to new trends?

Well, it’s too early to say, but we are looking at the use of Artificial Intelligence. We are looking to streamline some processes. What we are doing now manually can be done using artificial intelligence and computers, we are still at the beginning of this. There are a lot of things involved, including security issues, privacy issues and other things, so you must be very careful when we try to innovate, which is good, but you have to apply it very carefully in case you do it quickly and too soon, and without looking the consequences can come back to you and you would get in trouble. So, in general, the trend and the situation is that you simply cannot avoid accepting these new forms of employment processes and selection of potential candidates.

Do you think that Artificial Intelligence could affect your business in the future?

I know that there are companies like ours that use it much more than we do. In this regard, I don’t see myself being very worried about this at this moment, simply first because our industry works with people and this requires a certain degree of personal interaction, therefore, there is no way for artificial intelligence to replace people who really speak. with the people. That helps people a lot with the candidate in the appropriate work processes and certification, yes, I see that it is very useful in this, but in general the best option is still face to face.

– However, many people think that artificial intelligence is going to replace humans. What is your opinion about this?

My opinion is that is not going to happen anytime soon. And by saying soon, I don’t think this is going to happen in the next 50 or 100 years yet or maybe longer. Look, artificial intelligence is a very different topic, but my opinion is that, like every new thing in the development of human civilization, there is much that we cannot yet see, such as the possible consequences of the use of Artificial Intelligence left and right. Maybe in a few years and I don’t think everyone will be happy with those unpredictable consequences, I say some could say that for sure and don’t forget that this also concerns legal issues, privacy and everything that concerns this, this is very important and because all these things are considered, we simply cannot move forward with just a couple of things, look what is happening now, artificial intelligence is free for everyone to use, governments and their regulators in the world try to put certain regulations and they will try to control it, and we all have to understand that using it without limits and without regulations could perhaps be potentially harmful and dangerous for human beings.


Absolutely, don’t worry.

– Could you tell us about the organizational culture of Team Global?

Basically, since Team Global was created, it employs immigrants, people who came to work in Canada and we even have some people who literally “just landed”, we gave them the opportunity to work here. We have people from different parts of the world, from Ukraine, from China, even from India, people who came from Latin America, as well as from Russia. All of them help us create that unique multicultural environment. It is a group of people who, united with the same purpose, help other people who come to this country, because many of us were in that same process when we arrived here, that is why we know exactly when we talk to those people, what it means to be new in this country, that’s what I call the company culture and all our members have that, they came from different parts of the world to help.

– What is your vision as CEO for the future of Team Global?

Well, I don’t have a crystal ball, either way we will continue to grow, I only see the future as we extend our ability to help more people.

– What are Team Global’s next important projects or initiatives?

Well, our main project and initiative was, is and will always be helping people. We have nothing new in it. We simply come to work every day, and this is what we do from the morning until late at night, I see this and consider it to be the most important project for us. HELP PEOPLE.

– Would you like to add something to this interview? 

If only two words, which are very important, I am addressing people who are looking to start a new life in Canada and even those who are already established here, who need a little more help to be in the right place and to be safe. that they do not take advantage of them, that they will be helped appropriately, that their rights will always be protected and defended, sometimes they reach places where they will not be given this help, that is why I suggest that they should make sure to be in the right place. correct place.

We understand that arriving in a new country can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we are here to guide you and make sure you get the right help. At Team Global, you never have to worry about being taken advantage of. We are committed to defending your rights and providing you with the support you need to succeed in Canada. Team Global, it’s the right place, and here, you will always be welcome.

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