Temp Worker Screening Process

If results of a recent survey are to be believed, employers are more prone to selecting and retaining temp workers. In recent years, permanent hiring is experiencing a downturn and temporary hiring is on the rise. As the business of hiring and retaining temporary staff and workers is thriving, the need for having a proper process for screening temp workers is going viral. Employing incapable and poor temp workers often turn out to be disastrous for the business or company, thus hindering the business from reaching its set of goals or objectives. Legal complications or complications arising out of health and safety issues are some of the most common factors leading to the inability of temp workers to perform well in their job. Notwithstanding the reasons for workers’ inability to perform, the majority of staffing agencies in Toronto second the fact that careful screening of applicants would completely eradicate the problem of under-performing temp workers at work.

Whether it’s the employer who does the employee screening or whether it’s delegated upon the staffing agencies Toronto to do the same on behalf of the employer, it’s important to have a proper screening process in place that can help you identify the warning signals that tell you not to hire a particular temp worker. This article offers to take you through the different steps of screening your new temp workers.

Legal work implications: This is one of the first and foremost steps practiced by almost all staffing agencies in Toronto when screening a temp worker. Before checking out on his skills, academics, or work experience, it’s important to know whether or not the person is legally allowed to work in Toronto. The agencies simply check the temp’s social insurance number and verify whether or not he can work in your geographic location. Hiring an illegal temp worker can lead to costly fines and damage your company’s reputation.

Do a background check: Staffing agencies in Toronto run an extensive background check on all applicants. Information obtained from this particular check is crucial in the selection process of temp workers. You can attain 100% peace of mind that the employee you’ve hired – even though temporary – is not a criminal or has not stolen anything from his last employer.

 Evaluating employee skills: if you’re on the lookout for a temp staff with a particular skill-set like fast typing or good writing skills or a good orator, there are chances that applicants might lie about their skills in their resume to get the job. When skills are necessary to the job, make sure that the candidate undergoes a proper skill test. Professional staffing agencies in Toronto are well-equipped to test candidates for their skill-set and pass over the list of successful applicants to employers for the final round of screening.

Work experience and education history: There have been instances where applicants have lied about their past work experience or education. As an employer, you would always want to be confident that your temp is honest and that he’s capable of performing the work assigned to him perfectly well. If he’s lying about his educational certificates or exaggerating about the responsibilities handled previously, then it would have a negative effect on your business altogether. So whether you’re doing the screening yourself or having it done by staffing agencies Toronto, calling up references and checking the necessary certificates to ensure the honesty and integrity of the candidate are some of the important points in the to-do list.

Once the potential candidate is through with all the above screening processes and background checks, make sure to check out whether or not he’ll be a perfect fit in your company’s culture. Some important personal attributes like how well can the person gel in with co-workers, whether or not he’s a good team player, how well he can follow directions, and his adaptability to new environments are some of the factors that should be carefully considered during the screening process.

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