Things to Keep In Mind While Writing A Resume

So, you have applied to many jobs but haven’t heard even from a single company? Why is that so? Did you try to analyze what is going wrong with your application? Well, according to job recruiters, it’s your resume that is creating problems. Since your resume is the first impression in front of the employer, it has to be according to their requirements and answer every question they have in mind. Although you are qualified and have enough experience, it would be useless until you amend the resume as per the individual needs of the employer.

So, what factors should be considered while sending the resume? Here are some resume tips:

Read the Instructions Carefully

Some employers want applicants to send their resumes in the way they have mentioned in the job advert. If you follow them, they would consider your application, or else your efforts would go in vain, irrespective of how qualified and eligible you are. Since employers normally have a huge pool of candidates, they look for reasons to drop them as much as they can. Due to this reason, experts have explained a number of resume tips and particularly recommended that you should read the instructions carefully and be calm and focused on what they have asked and how you are supposed to answer them.

Demonstrate Your Skills and Experience

Usually, applicants just write what they have done in the past or what are their skills and experience. However, the reality is that employers are not interested in what you have done in your career. Instead, they are interested to know why they should hire you, not others. You have to give them reasons to select you- for instance, demonstrate what you can do for them and how.

Age Discrimination

Although there is a law over age discrimination, the culture is still common in most companies. Employers tend to prefer young candidates over older ones, no matter how much experience they have. Also, do not use an email address that has your birth year or any important year. Keep it simple and try not to give an idea about your age.

Talk About Your Accomplishments, Not Responsibilities

Among the resume tips, experts have declared it as one of the most important things that you should discuss your accomplishment instead of explaining your responsibilities. The recruiter is more interested in your abilities and wants to know how efficient your performance is in a certain situation.

Not Enough Information

Big companies normally used Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to shortlist applicants according to their requirements. So, in order to be selected by the system, you need to use the right keywords to enable the ATS to detect your resume. For this, you have to be attentive toward the job posting and try to grab the level of language used by the employer.

There might be other issues in your resume that you have to trace on your own, or if you are unable to do so, it is advisable to log on to as their experts are in a better position to help you.

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