Some of the Most Important Things That You Need To Ask a Recruitment Agent

Some of the Most Important Things That You Need To Ask a Recruitment Agent

The various job seekers who have used a recruitment agency to get a job will attest to the fact that not all recruitment agents are reliable. In this regard, there are agencies that will do anything within their powers to secure you the best position for you, based on your qualifications. Again, there are the agents who will just take a quick glimpse over your CV and then recommend you for a job position that does not suit your qualifications. This mainly happens to the job seekers who are desperate for a job and have no time to verify whether the agency is the right one for their requirements. Mentioned here are some of the questions you should ask the Recruitment Agent you would like to use to secure a job prior to initiating the recruitment process.

Who the Common Clients in the Agent Are

Before signing up with any recruitment agency, you should seek to know who their top clients are. This will give you an idea of the type of organizations and companies you are likely to get a job in if you decide to use the agency. Again, this will help you decide on whether the employers are suitable for you. For instance, you may be used to working with global organizations, but the agency you would like to use does not have any global organizations as their clients. Again, this will give you an insight into the industries, such as insurance, you are likely to get a job in if you happen to use the agency.

How the Agency Selects Candidates for Job Interviews

This should be your next point of concern when working with recruitment agencies. This will help you understand your likelihood of getting the job in question. For instance, some agencies will select candidates on the basis of their experience; others will go for the qualifications while others will consider the two aspects. Again, there are those agents who will talk to the candidates and try to ascertain their capabilities, which are not on the CV.

Whether the Agency Have Any Open Position at the Moments

With so many recruitment agencies in the country today, it is not worth wasting your time with an agency that does not have a position that meets your preferences. As such, you should remember to ask this question before signing up with any agency.

When The Agency Will Contact You and How

The other thing you should seek to understand is how the agency contacts its candidates and probably when you should expect to hear from the agency, following a job interview. In this regard, you should only settle for agencies that have clear and dependable communication methods in a bid to avoid uncertainties and inconveniences.

While these are some of the most important things that you need to enquire from your preferred recruitment agency, you may also need to find out what the agents think about your CV, the number of candidates the agency intends to recruit for a certain position, and the skills they require for the position in question. Otherwise, you should only work with reputable and highly reliable agencies, such as Team Global / MSM.

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