Things To Consider In Employer – Staffing Agency Relationship

Temporary staffing agencies are always resource and time-saving assets for the companies/employers that help them to find suitable employees for their business. Establishing a good working relationship is the key to make things flow in the right direction because these hiring agencies are basically extensions of their HR department- the only difference is that they are associated for a certain period of time. It is the responsibility of companies to properly communicate with the agencies and explain their requirements as it will help them to find appropriate candidates.

But, do you know how to build a healthy, result-oriented relationship with the staffing agencies? Here are some tips.

Evaluation of Requirements

Most employers are usually not satisfied with the performance of their hired recruitment agencies, but what they don’t think about is whether they have done the research and created a detailed job description for the agency to work or not. It sounds simple but can create a huge difference in results because if the staffing agencies have proper information about the requirements of employers, the right candidates will be at their doorsteps.

While writing job descriptions, employers are not only required to highlight job duties, even after knowing that they are the most important. The reason is, there are other factors as well, like some extraordinary skills and knowledge that will widen the area of consideration. If employers need certain personality types, like candidates who are capable of working under pressure, then it should be mentioned. They don’t have to risk anything at any cost.

Explaining the Success Up-Front

It is another important area that companies/employers should explain to their staffing agencies in order to successfully place a suitable candidate. Some employers need temporary assistance like attending phone calls for a few days, while others need employees who can prove to be the biggest, long-term asset. Even, there are employers who need individuals with enough insight into the employment procedures. So, it is quite crucial to let the staffing agencies know your plans upfront so that they can find candidates with long-term needs in mind, instead of sending prospects on a short-term basis.

Giving Constructive Feedback

A good staffing agency, like MSM Group, has the employers to regularly provide their feedback on their performance. When employers meet with prospective candidates sent by the staffing agencies, they should respond immediately to whether the candidate is a suitable one or not. They should give an explanation about the comments so that the agency knows what areas have been overlooked and what should be considered in the next recruitment session. Likewise, when employers get the perfect suit for their needs, they should tell the agency as well. This will not only motivate the staffing agency but also provides enough insight into what to remember for future placements and what to avoid.

The employer-staffing agency relationship is actually mutually beneficial, instead of only being a service that is provided.

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