Tips and Resume Example Student Guide

Tips and Resume Example Student Guide

Are you in high school or college and need advice on composing a resume? In this article, we will provide tips and resume example student to get them started on their quest to find their first job or move on to a better job.

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Tips and Resume Example Student

Format for Student Resume

There are some differences in the format for a student resume as opposed to a professional resume. It is helpful to look at resume examples for students to get a general idea, but we will provide some important tips on the differences in format for student resumes. 

Generally, students will have little to no work experience, so other areas in their life experience can be highlighted on the cover letter student sample. These include academic achievements, volunteer experience, and skills. A unique format for a resume highlighting your qualifications and experience will catch the eye of the interviewer.

Resume Summary or Resume Objective

Resume Summary

A resume summary is a brief description of your work experience. This goes at the top of your resume under your contact information. It should be a two to three-sentence summary of your general work experience

Resume Objective

If you do not have any work experience, you would instead write a resume objective. This includes any other experiences such as education, skills, goals, and objectives. Use about two to three sentences to highlight these items. 

Be focused on goals, education, and skills. For those with no relevant work experience, a resume object is preferable.

Tips For High School Resumes

  • List of academic achievements in chronological order
  • Next, list any club memberships…academic and social, chronologically
  • List in order any volunteer or internship experience.
  • Highlight any honors, awards, achievements, and any other distinctions in each of the above

Tips for College Student Resumes

  • Include the most relevant work and internship experiences, and focus on all achievements.
  • Include any academic awards and achievements
  • Include volunteer work and any unpaid experiences
  • Include all clubs, sports, and other activities
  • Be sure to include any awards, special certifications, skills, and so forth that will give you a leg up on the competition.

Pertinent Information to Include on Resume Example Student

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Professional email address 
  • Physical location (city, state, country, etc., do NOT include your street address)
  • Any titles 
  • URL to LinkedIn Profile (if you have a LinkedIn account, this is a good source for college students and high school graduates)
  • Website/Blog URLs

Do Not Include the Following

  • Birthdate
  • Social Security Number
  • Personal email address
  • Home address
  • Headshot or Photos
  • Personal Media Links (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on)

Work Experience

  1. Job Title/Position: List your exact title, do not go into duties at this point
  2. Company Info: Include the company’s full name, location, and a few sentences about the company.
  3. Employment Dates: Be as specific as possible. If you can’t remember the exact dates, give an approximate estimation.
  4. Responsibilities; Give a short but detailed description of your main responsibilities.
  5. Achievements: List any awards, achievements, or any other relevant information here. 

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