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Job placement agencies in Toronto provide potential candidates positions from administrative assistants and managers to CEOs. The decisions are primarily based on the level of expertise, education, and insight into the requirements of the job position. After working on a temporary basis and the results are satisfactory, then the company may even consider employees to permanently appoint them. We at MSM Group also strive to satisfy the needs of our clients (companies) so that they can permanently hire our chosen candidates. According to the statistics on the website of the American Staffing Association, around 90% or even more businesses get help from job agencies and try to appoint their selected candidates to accomplish their goals.
Though, some of the candidates believe in unrealistic facts and get influenced by myths that job agencies in Toronto are not so helpful in getting jobs. Let’s have a look at what these myths say and what are their real answers.

Myth 01: Getting temporary jobs instead of real ones

Toronto job agencies always provide real jobs to the right candidates as they are associated with companies like Freddie Mac, RBC, Amazon, Hearst Publications, PG & E, Continental Airlines, Suntron, Starbucks, Visa, Sony, and many more. All these companies make an annual budget to hire their permanent staff and dedicate an amount of money for hiring temporary employees as well. They even experience a time where they need to convert temporary employee recruitment into full-time and in this way, candidates will get real jobs.

Myth 02: Job placement agencies provide two earning opportunities

It is another misconception that is far beyond reality. The fact behind this is that companies offer according to the qualifications, experience, and expertise of the candidates. Candidates who are new and do not have experience will obviously receive lower rates as compared to what experienced candidates are receiving.

Myth 03: Toronto job agencies recruit administrative and entry-level candidates

There might be a concept in the past the temporary job agencies in Toronto hire only entry-level candidates. But nowadays, the thinking has been changed as agencies now give equal importance to every candidate whether they need to switch their industries or want to get their foot into the industry.

Myth 04: Projects usually need a few weeks to complete

The answer is: Time duration basically depends on the nature as well as requirements of the projects. There are some assignments that only require a day, some need weeks and some require months to get them completed. The best part of working as a staffing agency employee is that you will have greater opportunities to connect with more companies and know more about the positions along with their responsibilities.

Myth 05: Temporary jobs do not offer benefits

This myth is also far beyond the truth as the nature of benefits varies due to the position designated, education, experience, and many other reasons. The benefits offered by Toronto job agencies are just like real benefits for permanently employed workers. They will have opportunities to enjoy employee referral bonuses, holidays, direct deposits, 401K, and dental/medical benefits.

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