5 Tips for Job Seekers While Job Searching

The job search process is like a sales position. You have to sell yourself to potential employers. Not a good sales representative? Even you can sell yourself to the right company for the right position. When it’s time to get down and dirty with your job search, consider these five tips:

Quality is Better Than Quantity

When you are job searching, a sense of urgency resides inside you. This urgency causes you to apply for jobs that you wouldn’t otherwise apply for. You need to stop and take stock of your skills and experience. Then research each job to see if you fit well in the position. If you fit, then you apply. If you don’t fit, then let the position go.

Keep Track Of The Positions You Apply For

When you are researching companies and you find a few that you want to apply for, make sure you write them down. You will need to know the company, the position applied for, who you applied through, and when you applied. The easiest way to keep track of it is with a spreadsheet. You don’t want to be the applicant who doesn’t know what you applied for, you want to sound like this is the most important job for you.

Leverage Your Social Media

Make sure you connect with the company online. Follow them on Twitter. Learn what is important to them. You may get an inside glimpse of the company culture. When you have a good understanding of the company, it makes it easier to get through the interview. After all, you know quite a bit about them, don’t you?

Personalize Your Resume To Each Job

It is a very good idea to find out what kind of person the company is looking for to fill the position. It should not be that hard to find out, they have written out what kind of a person they want to hire for that position in the job description. An example of this would be if you were looking for a mechanics job. You would emphasize your mechanical skills and experience.

Network, Network, Network

Do you want to get hired at a particular company? Use your networks on LinkedIn. Are you connected to someone at the company? Are you connected to someone who is connected to someone at the company? Ask them to send your resume along to the proper person for getting the job. Resumes that come from within the company have a better chance of getting looked at than resumes that are part of an application pool.

One Last Suggestion

Since times are tough, there is a great deal of competition out there for each position available. Make sure you stand out in the crowd by following these tips and figuring out how your skills and experience make you different from the others who are applying. At MSM Group, we offer the most up-to-date help for your job search.

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