Tips on How to Answer Why Are You A Great Match for this Role

Tips on How to Answer Why Are You A Great Match for this Role?

We’ve all been there for a job interview. Everything is going great, and then the interviewer asks a question that throws you for a loop. One such question is, “Tell me more about yourself.” And another is, “Why are you a great match for this role?” 

Regardless if you are looking for an office job, continuing your education, or looking for general labour jobs in Toronto, you will need to know how to best answer such questions.

This article will give you some advice on best answering “why are you right for this job?”

Advice for Answering Why Are You a Great Match for This Role?

Before you can answer the question of what makes you a good fit for our team, you need to understand why you even ask this question. Generally, an interviewer will ask you why you think you are right for the job to gain some insight into your specific skill set, job experience, and educational background. As well they want to enforce that you are knowledgeable as to what the job entails. 

Focus on your strengths as they pertain to the job in question. Take the time to review your skill set, education, and training as it pertains to the job in question. Choose up to four strengths to mention during the interview process. Tailor these strengths and skills to the company as well as the job objective.

Don’t hesitate to practice your answer to the question of why you are a great match for this role. Set up a mock interview with a friend or family member. This allows you to become familiar with discussing your qualifications and skills. You will feel more at ease when it comes time for the actual interview. Be sure to answer the question with confidence.

Skills to Highlight When Asked Why Are You a great match for This Role

Following are some of the skills you can both mention and demonstrate when asked why you are the best candidate for the job:

  • Research Skills

Employers are looking for a candidate that is able to research and understand information as it pertains to the job in question. Good research skills show that you are able to search for, assess, arrange, and practically use the necessary information to complete the job at hand. 

To show that you are skilled in research, you can include knowledge of the company as well as the position during the interview process. Understanding the company’s history, brand, and practices can give you a leg up on the competition. 

  • Communication Skills

Commutation skills, mainly verbal skills, are one of the main characteristics that employers look for during a job interview. Communication involves more than being able to intelligently articulate your thoughts. It includes listening and comprehension. This also includes written and non-verbal communication. 

You can use both verbal and non-verbal communication skills during an interview to answer the inquiry as to why you are a great match for this role.

  • Technical Skills

In this day and age, technical skills are in high demand for almost every job. These include the ability to perform a variety of technical tasks from computer skills to basic typing to faxing and more. Focus on your technical skills during the interview to show the person conducting the interview that you will be able to efficiently perform the job in question. 

More tips on Answering Why Are You a Great Match for This Role

  • Be honest

Lying on your resume or during a job interview will not land you the position. Above all, potential employers value honesty and integrity. And keep in mind that they will follow up on your qualifications and check your references for accuracy. 

  • Focus on why you will be an asset to the company

When asked why you are a great match for this role, you should not focus on the reason you are applying for said position. Rather, you should focus on why you would be a valuable asset to the position, the department, and overall the company. 

Reach out to your local job agency to get started on your job search. They can further help you fine-tune your interview skills and even help you negotiate your contract once you are hired.

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