11 Job Search Tips to Help You Find Work in Toronto

Here are 11 Job Search Tips to Help You Find Work in Toronto.

Job search in Toronto can give you sleepless nights. Whilst you’re burning the midnight oil to apply for dream jobs,  you would be gutted if you do not get to hear anything from who’s hiring, right?

But that’s the life of most job seekers out there! There is little you can do to flip through the days of the endless struggle to lap on a job of your choice.  

Sounds disheartening. But hey! There is plenty of help out there if you use your mind astutely and if you’re lucky enough to get the right assistance, this rough patch will be done away with within no time.

You can Google some easy hacks to get over some common hurdles but not for all. For instance, if you are looking for a job after a sabbatical or going for a career change. It wouldn’t be a cakewalk to get a job in such cases.

You need professional assistance to get it perfect for you in Toronto. After sourcing nuggets of wisdom from experienced recruiters and professionals, we have curated a list of 11 tips to help you get your dream job in Toronto:

  • Resumes That Fit in

Your resume is probably the best ammunition to impress a recruiter or hiring manager. Arguably one of the most pertinent pieces of the job application process, your resume decides whether you stand any chance or not.

Remember, hiring managers are flooded with hundreds of resumes every day and it is totally up to you to make your resume stand out amongst the pile or tossed in the trash.

Be wary of the fact that it wouldn’t take more than few seconds to get rejected. So do not take it lightly if you have impinged your hopes on the job.

Weave your skills and experience to build a well-crafted resume to make the ‘right impression’. Consider attaching a cover letter to get a give a peep into your psyche behind applying to the job and soar your chances of getting an interview call.

As per a 2012 study released by TheLadders, an online job-matching service, recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume.

As a job-seeker, it is in your best interest to make these few seconds count to grab the eyeballs and set forth for the next decisive interview phase.

Highlight your finest skills and accomplishments to project yourself as the most suitable person for the job.

Remember, your resume is nothing but “self-advertisement” that brings out the gist of your employable skills and professional experience in one single page. So, pay close attention to every minute detail to make yourself sellable and bankable through your resume.

Seek professional resume services if you haven’t updated your resume and applying for high-profile jobs in Toronto.

  1. Build Network

While online applications take their due course of time to process, you can always look up to harvesting your network to find unadvertised job opportunities.

Networking is all about engaging with the right people who can consider your professional experience as you’re looking for a job change.  

Having said that most people are not comfortable seeking help to get a back door entry into companies. But it does not defy the statistics that boast of networking simplifying the often-tedious process of job search and getting success in the end.

As per linked research configuring data of near about 3000 individuals, 85% of All jobs are filled via networking.

So, consider forging and nurturing your rapport with colleagues and peers in your core industry. Attend conferences, events, and other meetings to interact with the mighty industry experts to build long-lasting relationships.

Make room for yourself to approach the same people as you either looking for a job change or re-entering after a long sabbatical.  Remember, you can bypass a number of gateways by having resourceful or influential people by your side.

While nothing beats direct interaction, many relationships have outgrown the former through social networking on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Use Facebook to network with people in your industry including those who’re already working in the company you wish to join.

Do not write off social media sites for personal engagement; there is a lot more potential to find new connections whilst milking the existing relations for mutual benefits.

In the end, you never know the least expected person comes to your help!  

  1. Blow Your Trumpet but Be a Humble Bee 

Whilst many may not agree to boast about yourself, think about it as your only chance to impress others including your future employer. So do not hesitate to share what you’re capable of to get the job, worth your salt.

Whilst you’re at it, you can request your manager or other colleagues to share a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. Remember, your effective and endorsing virtual presence can put you ahead of many others and win some brownie points.

While these endorsements may seem too good to be true, many hiring managers, recruiters, and potential colleagues would be inquisitive to read through the public-stated reviews as a testament to your caliber.

Remember, you need to be active on your social media accounts to keep yourself updated with all sorts of industry events and activities to prove you’re an active job seeker.  

Having said that, be subtle with the way you present yourself in your professional profile. Better ask for feedback from your colleagues or mentors to get a good insight.

After all, it is about your career; do not take a chance lest you may land yourself in a soup.

  1. Do You Exist On Linkedin?

LinkedIn is arguably one of the most powerful resources for professional networks to pave the way for a plethora of mind-blowing job opportunities.

While you’re still going with the standard job application process, you’re surely missing out on the potential of this platform that has been nothing short of splendid.

Given over 90% of hiring managers actively use LinkedIn for hiring, you should not underestimate it, and instead, you must be using it to your maximum advantage.

Whilst it is not feasible to elaborate at length about LinkedIn, there is a checklist for you to consider as you’re to open your account:

  1. Complete your profile – name, details, videos, pics, URL, etc.
  2. Build Connections – invitations, introductions, animals.
  3. Approach new connections you don’t know whilst pursuing your common interests through joining groups.  
  4. Exploit your network to seek recommendations to add more weight to your candidature.
  5. Use LinkedIn Jobs, Advanced Job Search & Boolean Search Techniques
  6. Save and keep Track of Jobs You Applied For On LinkedIn
  7. Find Tips on free LinkedIn Job Search Webinars and Blogs.

Whilst these are not the only ways to extract the maximum benefit out of LinkedIn, there are plenty of hacks available to amp up your career.

  1.  Craft Engaging Pitch

Who are you? What have you done? What are you looking for?…

This and many such similar questions best sum up a perfect elevator pitch to let the other person know about you and your purpose to apply for a job. Make sure that you’re at your best during your first ever interaction with a potential employer.

Do not goof up for you may not get another chance. Practice before you appear for any telephonic or personal interview.

Assuming you’re serious about your job search, you must be prepared for a solid elevator pitch to get all the attention from the right people.

Be it your social media profile (Linkedin) or in-person meeting, you ought to start off on a high note to draw the interest of maximum employers. Google and find some easy tips to make the right impression and set the tone for future discussions.

  1. Preparation

There is no replacement for preparing yourself for interviews or meetings for job opportunities. You have to be absolutely confident, articulate, and impeccably dressed to appear in the meetings.

However, you are not fully prep till not armed with pertinent information about the company you wish to work for.

If you are still stuck with the stale format of answer a volley of cliche questions, then you have to do your homework first.  

While you may be prepared to face some expected questions, expect some bouncers as most interviewers are experimenting with out-of-the-box techniques to test the true caliber of applicants. Better to arm yourself with some engaging stories that testify to your true strength for the job you’ve applied for.

Remember, employers, seek more than just qualifications in an ideal candidate. It is the strength of their character in various challenging situations that decide your fate.  

What if you could narrate some real incident that demonstrates your innate and raw ability or skill to rank better than others in the list of preferred candidates? That’s would just do the trick.

Do not underestimate the qualifying quotient of stories as many interviewers look for riveting exchange. Also, coming out with a captivating story is far better than hearing dull and drab information. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, do not leave a blank space and come loaded with full artillery to win the battle!  

  1. Did you say ‘Thank You’


There is nothing better than parting with a ‘thank you note. It doesn’t matter how your interview went, make a point to scribble a thank you note for all those whom you met during the entire job application process.

Sounds good. If not this, you can send a thank you email after say a gap of 24-48 hrs to show respect toward the people who made some time to talk to you.

Whilst many would find it unnecessary, often your chances of getting hired soar as you show basic etiquette and mannerism towards others.

It is just about making others feel good even if the outcome is not favorable. Speaks volumes about your winning attitude.

  1. Do Not Blind Chase Your Dream Job

Most people do not pursue jobs anything different from their dream job. That’s how most job seekers behave; going hook, line, and sinker to get the job they dream of! Sounds good but often defying reality.

Do not fool yourself in believing that you would get the best job the moment you step out there to fight, for there are many vying for it, and lot many factors play their part to decide who gets what when, and how.

Still, do not get disheartened as a lot goes into making yourself worth earning the job you dreamt of. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

People work for years and years to gain the kind of experience and knowledge to climbing up the ladder. Work on it and make valuable contacts during the course to hone your skills to continue moving in the same direction.

Be cognizant of what all is happening in your favored job industry, and step up when it is the right time. Till then, you can opt for job opportunities that add to your skillset to be worthy of your ideal job, if not now then in the future. 

  1. Volunteer Yourself – Freelance

While you may have a different vision for your career, opting for freelance projects for a reputed company could be a good idea to not just up-skill but open doors for new domains to explore yourself as a professional.

It could be at least a month-long job but give in your best to make sure you deliver the results and prove your worth. There are many companies that give due consideration to freelancers with niche technical skills.

So, do not write off the idea of freelancing. Instead, map out local and international companies that outsource projects and make the best out of them.

  1. Job Fest

Often companies tie-up with reputable universities and colleges to hire in large numbers for entry-level or internships since hundreds of potentially qualified job seekers appear with their resumes and sales pitch.

Whilst it may not be a popular option for many, you never know if you could impress the interviewers and in fact land up in a job without running pillar to post.

Also, unlike the conventional job application process involving tracking resumes, and numerous interviews, you can shorten the cycle with a few face-to-face interviews to get a job in hand.

  1. Stay Focused

It is very easy to lose patience and end up taking any low-paying job you are not even cut out for. Do not lose hope if you have faltered time and again.  

Instead, consult your family and working friends to get seek guidance about how to live through this tough and often grueling phase of hunting for the right job.

Not to forget, getting in touch with experienced job consultants can help you see through the best ways to steady your career.

Whether you’re prepping up to start your career or looking for a job change, you would need a guiding force to support you through the often-exhausting agonizing period. A professional and dedicated job consultancy can make your journey a lot easier to grab the job of your choice in Toronto!

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