Top 10 Job Search Sites For Canadian Job Hunters

In today’s technology-driven world, the best way for those actively seeking employment is to utilize the internet. With virtually hundreds of job search sites, social media venues, employment agencies, there are plenty of options available for job-seekers online.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of job agencies and job sites to choose from via the internet, we can help. We have made a list of ten of the most popular and useful job sites in Canada to help you with your job search.

10 Best Job Search Sites Canada

  • Workopolis

Workopolis provides job seekers with job postings, job alerts, career search advice, a resume builder as well as other tools. The site gives users the option to upload their resumes directly to the site for job recruiters who are looking to hire.

  • Simply Hired

This job search engine allows users to save their online searches as well as providing job email alerts. They offer a listing for companies that offer diversity, eco-friendly standards, and jobs for veterans, in addition to a wide array of other job search criteria.

  • Robert Half

This site offers thousands of job offers from companies around the globe as well as career advice and workplace research.

  • Monster

Monster is one of the largest job search sites available online, as you can tell by its and popularity. Users have the ability to utilize their networking boards and upload their resumes as well as sign up for target job search alerts via email.

  • LinkedIn

As the top networking site, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to search for jobs via your extended network. Users can follow companies, network with those in the same field, join online groups and discussions, and search a wide array of useful articles offering career advice.

  • Jobboom

As the largest job search site in Quebec, Jobboom provides search services in both of the official languages of the area. Users are able to both post their resumes and apply for the job on site. In addition, they have the ability to reply to job offer broadcasts, which qualified applicants to receive via email. This site also provides career advice as well as a catalog of informative articles on market trends, popular career paths, and online and self-education for specific career goals.

  • Indeed

Indeed is a vast job search engine that consolidates job listings from across the Web. They compile useful career information from companies all over the globe and lets users perform both local and global job searches.

  • Glassdoor

Glassdoor offers an extensive database of company reviews provided by employees and is known for providing job seekers with insight into companies’ benefits, salaries, hiring process, and working conditions As well, they give companies the ability to search for the ideal job candidate.

  • Eluta

This Canadian-based job search engine offers job postings from over 10.000 company websites in Canada. They link the job to the original postings from each employer and provide email alerts for job seekers.

  • Careerbuilder

Perhaps one of the most used sites by job seekers, Careerbuilder provides its users with a vast search engine that allows them to search via a wide list of files such as degree, pay range, level of experience, and location. In addition, they collect job listings from a wide source of news media venues worldwide. Careerbuilder also provides a wide array of career resources and advice for its thousands of users.

Contact Team Global / MSM for more onsite on how to utilize these job search sites. As well, we will assist you in your job search and provide you with helpful guidance and career advice.

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