How A Top Employment Agency Toronto Functions?

Trying to find the right job in a coveted company and in the right position is not always easy. Indeed, many job seekers find it hard to keep at it for long and often give away in despair. There is no need to take the lone path though. In fact, a lot of them choose to pick a top placement agency and register at the earliest in order to gain employment. The statistics speak for themselves too. The figures reveal that more than 20% of the population prefers to take the help of such agencies that are responsible for hiring with more than half of them being successful in placing their candidates in permanent positions.

It may sound too good to be true though and you have every right to remain skeptical. However, it might make sense to contact the best employment agency Toronto and make it work for you. Here are a few things that you ought to know though. Read on for the details…

Types of Employment Agencies

There is a misconception among job seekers that job agencies only offer short-term, temporary positions. However, the fact is slightly different with the agencies varying sharply in the kind of jobs they provide. Sure, some of the placements might be for the short term and preferable for people looking for flexible positions but there are many other agencies that place their candidates in permanent positions too. There are specialized agencies hiring for niche industries as well and also a few that focus on senior positions only. In short, the employment agency Toronto may play a diverse role.

How They Operate

They are usually the go-between resource that brings the employer and employee together. The employers often choose to engage an employment agency in Toronto to recruit on their behalf thereby saving both time and money while the job seekers benefit by having a trusted ally by their side.

The initial groundwork is done to perfection by the agency though. The employer can safely carry on with his/her regular functions while the agency staff goes about hunting for the right candidates by searching through their database, posting on job boards, taking out adverts in the media, and shortlisting the candidates before sending them over to the employer.

You, as a job seeker, also get the advantage of being assessed by a professional who not only considers your expertise and experience but also tries to place you keeping your aspirations and personality in mind. Moreover, you also get to upgrade your skills by specific training and learn about the job market in the process while you are groomed to fit the vacancies as perfectly as possible.

In other words, the agency acts as a catalyst in matching the employee and the employer effectively thereby making a small profit.


The employment agency Toronto usually charges the employer for recruiting on his behalf. While the payment can be via a small and fixed fee, some agencies prefer to ask for a percentage of the employee’s salary as their share of handling the total recruitment. The candidates obtain the services completely free of charge making it advantageous for them.

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