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The Spandrel Loader is responsible in assisting with loading material. The job duties includes loading and unloading materials, accepting delivery of inventory, inspecting inventory for damage and faults and storing inventory in a accessible manner.
The Glazier duties include assembling and installing prefabricated glass, mirrors or glass products on walls, ceilings or exteriors of building. Measuring, marking, cutting and tinting glass. Fabricating metal frames for glass installation.
An Industrial Millwright works on industrial machinery, mechanical equipment, and components, including mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel, lubrication, cooling and exhaust systems, and pumps, fans, tanks, conveyors, presses, generators, and pneumatic and hydraulic controls. This is a skilled profession which requires the 433A Millwright License.
The Mechanic Helper assists in installing or disassembling industrial machinery and equipment. Their responsibilities include inspecting and identifying abnormities and malfunctions and repair accordingly. In addition, clean machines, detect and troubleshoot irregularities and malfunctions.
A millwright apprentice is a skilled position who installs, repairs, maintains, or reassembles machinery in power plants, construction sites, and factories. They assist electricians and millwrights while learning how to do their work. They operate heavy machinery whenever necessary.
The cleaner will need to clean floors and rooms such as dust mopping, damp mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, picking up larger objects off the floor, and spot cleaning glass and windows. In addition, they will need to use the vacuum, empty trash, and replace liners. They will need to stock material, and maintain cleaning equipment and supplies.
Fabricators and assemblers are vital for industries that manufacture products. They assist with the manufacturing of goods. Fabricators and Assemblers manufacture and assemble all types of products such as windows, Kitchen cabinets or shelves.
The packaging position requires the individual to mark and label containers, products and use marking tools. They examine and inspect containers, materials and products in order to ensure that packing specifications are met. In addition, they will need to remove completed or defective products or material, placing them on moving equipment such as the conveyors or in a specified area such as the loading dock.
Salary: $17.00-$19.00 per Hour-Full-Time Position
The loading/Unloading position works in the warehouse and shipping operation. This person is responsible for helping to load freight onto trucks, trains, and ships to be transported away. He or she also helps unload freight shipped to the warehouse facility.
Salary: $18.00-$20.00 per hour –Full-Time Position
Forklift Operator drive industrial trucks and specialize in warehouse transportation. Their primary responsibilities include loading and unloading warehouse material, optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency and identifying damages to vehicles. They require a valid license to operate the vehicle. (Counterbalance, Raymond Reach, Walkie, Cherry Picker, Combilift)
Salary: $17.00-$20.00 per hour –Full-Time Position
The Shipping/Receiving position is someone who can completes tasks that help a warehouse run smoothly. They send, accept and record the movement of parts, supplies, materials, equipment and stock to and from an establishment. In addition to tracking inventory and keeping records, they may also package items, inspect merchandise and complete other related duties.
The Press make precision bends, punches or cuts into a material. Brake press produces all sorts of parts and tools from a variety of materials such as metal and plastic. The Brake Press Operator oversees the operation of the brake press while the press itself is a CNC piece of equipment. Some duties involve making adjustments to the machine’s speed, the material feed or the pat of the cut.
An oven operator supervises the baking process during food production in commercial bakeries or factories. They are responsible for setting up, monitoring, and adjusting the oven temperature. They examine the products during and after baking process to ensure product quality. They organize and place oven racks in designated areas, keep work area clean, sanitary and organized. In addition, safety procedures must be followed at all times.
CNC machine operators, or CNC machinists, manage computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment from setup to operation, producing parts and tools from different resources including metal and plastic. They’re tasked with monitoring machinery, inspecting finished products, and leading test runs.
Industrial Electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical systems in industrial facilities and factories. They typically work in places that use power and electrical systems. They make sure that electrical systems are safe, running efficiently and responsible for repairing giant electrical equipment such as industrial fans and giant motors. Their duties involve browsing blueprints, follow diagrams of circuits and wiring and use many various hand and diagnostic tools in testing and fixing equipment. They must obtain an electrician license.

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