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The Electrician Apprenticeship learns their trade under a skilled electrician. They typically work in public or private sectors, learn how to use equipment, read blueprints and work with construction crew. They also attend regular classes as part of their training.
Commercial Electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining the electrical devices in commercial buildings. Electricians receive training through an associate’s degree or apprenticeship program. They must obtain an electrician license (Journeyman 309A) in order to do any electrical installation.
The role of the Accounts Payable involves providing financial, administrative and clerical support to the organization. Their role is to complete payments and control expenses by receiving payments, process and verify invoices. The day to day duties of an accounts payable role includes payment cycle activities to be effectively done in a timely and efficient manner.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administrator help develop safety policies and procedures. They organize team meetings to solve safety issues, inspect the workplace, report incidents to WSIB, review important safety documents and require a high degree of attention to detail.
Data Entry is responsible for updating and maintaining information from the company’s database and computer system. This position plays a vital role in making sure data is accurate and up to date. The ideal candidate needs to have data entry skills such as having an eye for detail, need to be familiar with Microsoft excel and word.

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